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There are very few little girls who don’t love Peppa Pig. If your child is a fan, she can now have a bed canopy adorned with this precocious, pink-snouted character.

The peppa pig bed canopy can turn bedtime into a special time. Sleepovers with friends automatically become a lot more fun and exciting with Peppa to brighten things up. This canopy will turn any child’s ordinary bed into a dream bed with its vibrant colors. For the growing child, it is also great to use when transitioning from toddler’s bed to a grown-up bed of her own.

The Peppa Pig bed canopy can also be used with many accessories, such as fabric pockets for holding her favorite books and toys. It is also the perfect height and dimension for children. This bed canopy is practical too. Built sturdy to last, you can rest assured that as your little one sleeps at night, this canopy is extremely safe. Set up is easy, with all building instructions and necessary parts included.

But you don’t have to stop with the Peppa Pig bed canopy. This is only part of the full range of furniture in the Peppa Pig collection, so you can put together the full set to create the perfect dream room for your little girl. You can also purchase the Peppa Pig bedding set to complement the bed canopy.

The Peppa Pig bed canopy is suitable for children from 18 months to 5 years old. When setting up, ensure that you comply with the provided instructions and use all appropriate safety measures. You should be certain the bed you choose matches the canopy’s size requirements.

Speak to your local retailer to find out if they carry the canopy set. Alternatively, there are a variety of online suppliers that carry it for a reasonable price.