Top 6 Architectural Trends in 2019

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With the advancement in technology, all industries are changing to suit people’s preferences and needs perfectly. The same improvements are taking place in the architectural field. The problem is that people do not understand that architecture is always available in their surrounding.

Currently, there are various architectural trends that architects should consider. In the article below, we bring the major architectural patterns that are ideally suited for your 2019. It includes;

What's Inside?

Open Space Design

This design has been typical for most residential and commercial buildings, but since people require a free environment to share ideas and engage ideally in the business, small cubicles are not enough for a company. For instance, if you have spacious house surroundings in the building, your kids have more space to express their creativity.

It is the same way the architects are trying to figure out how to separate and combine with the decor. More so, they are still searching for more means by which they will be able to define the segments of the open space. Also, they are trying to prevent adjustments between the living areas from looking dull and flat.

Nature and Recycling

Nature preservation is one of the essential aspects of today’s world. So using natures outlook in architecture is going to be a significant advancement. Imagine seeing green, indoor gardens, rooftops, and living walls, Architects are trying to make the living environment more eco-friendly and introduce nature into our daily environment.

The design above will be of importance to commercial buildings that are located in the middle of the cities as it will bring a bright outlook in the building. More so, recycling comes in as with such design, most of the used materials undergo recycling. For instance, glass, plastics, and concrete recycling will help the environment as it will reduce the production effect on the environment.

Small Designs

With an increase in the cost of living in large houses, people prefer living in small but a functional home. Such a house is of benefit as from the physical appearance, but whatever design and potential the house has it is of great concern. Architects are trying to figure out more ways to ensure that no matter the outlook of the building, they will be suitable for the coming generations.

Sustainable Architecture

Since 2019 is more about making a sustainable architecture, it is a great way to preserve the environment. Architects are working on providing a suitable environment in that they are trying to come up with new ideas in which their designs will be able to reduce energy consumption. Also, the introduction of the water filtration system for commercial buildings will be an excellent way to conserve water.

One that should be given relevance in sustainable architectural design is climatology. Climate is a very large part of the natural world, thus given consideration about it is essential. “In architecture the weather is a very relevant and highly important consideration needed across the board, especially in housing, including apartment design, to ensure spaces are designed for the climate and are responsive to people’s day to day living needs. As a society, we can certainly markedly improve the betterment of all concerned.” Dion Seminara, Architect, Brisbane.

These designs fit for both business and residential buildings. Since architecture is affected by both economy and technology, most companies are using architecture to represent the company’s brand implying that modifications in architecture would work out. More so, coming up with designs is dependent on the weather of a place to make the design fit.

Solar Roof Tiles

Most building owners prefer creating their energy by use of solar, but with the new advancement in solar roofing tiles, architecture is now taken to another level. The solar roof tiles come in different designs and being less bulky makes them easier to integrate compared to the current roof designs. Such features are making them more popular and more attractive compared to their counterparts. More so, they tend to be cheaper than the solar panels, thus increasing its availability to more people.

Visual Identity

Architecture showcases a company’s identity to the people. For instance, if a company uses nature and recycling trend in its structure, it will bring out the company’s value to the people. 

Architectural trends are essential for any institution. From the article above, we can conclude that architecture is the key to development in any industry, as it is not only architecture but also comes to the economy and technological advancements in it.

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