Top 5 Places to Shop for Affordable Home Decor

Last updated on June 4, 2024

It’s time to start decorating your home anew. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to splurge on new decor. Here are the top 5 places where you can shop affordably. Read on!

After spending more than six months mostly at home, it may be that you are ready to give your home decor a serious refresh. Maybe you want to revamp your home office, or make your living room cozier and inviting. If you have to be at home all the time, you want it to be as pleasant as possible. You don’t have to spend a fortune to change the look of your home, there are some affordable ways to shop and DIY tricks to make a big change without a lot of time or money. Here’s a rundown of the top five places to shop to get a kickstart on giving your home a new look for 2021. 

Stay Loyal to Your Favorites

There’s nothing like scoring a deal on that luxury coffee table that you have been eyeing, and the best way to land it is to sign up for newsletters on the home decor sites that you love. Especially in 2020 and as we head into 2021, with less in-person shopping happening, there are discounts to be had even at your favorite stores. As home design trends in 2020 and beyond and shifting, retailers are more likely to want to move their inventory and that means savings for you. 

If you are more open-minded about your shopping — let’s say you want a new reading lamp for your living room, but don’t know exactly what you want it to look like — sites that consolidate homewares from different brands may be the way to go, and they also can offer deep discounts. Some of those sites are,, or If you have certain items that you are looking for, signing up for their newsletters or alerts is one way to land sales for items that you have on your wishlist.  

Something Borrowed

One reality of 2020 is that everyone has been spending more time at home, and that means your friends and neighbors might be looking to do an upgrade too. An unconventional way to update your home decor is to swap with your friends. Maybe you can’t bear to look at that framed picture of water lilies anymore, but your neighbor has always loved it. Likewise, you always admired their leopard print reading chair. You never know what finds might come up by sharing your home decor aspirations with your friends.

New to You

If you are open to vintage, second-hand stores can be treasure troves for home decor and furniture. Salvation Army, Goodwill and consignment stores can be excellent spots to hunt for that piece that can pull together a room or add a little character to reading nook. Bring an open mind and patience as you spend an afternoon perusing shelves that take you back through the decades, and you never know what you might find that’s perfect for your home. 

Think Outside the Box

Stores that you might not think of as home decor stores can be excellent spots to find decorative items like pillows, rugs, candle holders, and throw blankets. Some of the shops to consider are H&M, Nordstrom Rack, and Urban Outfitters. Take a look at your favorite retailers and search for home items to see what you can find. 

‘Tis the season to make your home as comfortable as possible. With some of these sites and ideas in mind, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create your personal sanctuary that you’ll be happy to spend a lot of time in. 


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