6 Tips to Keep Using Your Boiler for Years

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After having installed your new boiler, it is important to look after it well. Ideally, you will need a yearly check and service to keep your boiler working at optimal efficiency.

Many installers will be happy to send you a reminder so you can keep on top of things. Since even a small drop in efficiency can materialize as a higher energy bill, taking out a service contract pays for itself. Even so, there are a couple of small maintenance tasks you can take on yourself and end up saving a lot of money on possible boiler repair.

What's Inside?

Pay Attention to Cleaning

Understand that without proper cleaning, you will never prolong the life of your boiler. You should clean it regularly being sure to carefully remove any dust. While cleaning, ensure that all the joints are in perfect state. Taking these steps will significantly improve the efficiency of your boiler.

Pay Attention to the Air Grilles

Sometimes, you notice your boiler becoming less efficient with time and that could be due to a reason as simple as blocked air grilles. Check them regularly and take steps to keep them unobstructed.

Check the Connections

Your boiler will continue to serve you well if you ensure all the connections are in perfect condition. Start by checking the electrical connection. Then, you should examine the gas pipes carefully. It is equally important to ensure that all outgoing and incoming water connections are free of any fault.

Maintain the Appropriate Pressure

Under normal circumstances, keeping your boiler’s operating pressure within 1.2 to 1.5 bars is just perfect. You should check it regularly to ensure that the pressure stays within this range. Turn it off and then switch it on again to check the pressure. You may want to purge the radiators if the pressure is on the higher side. Likewise, opening the tap a little tops up the water if pressure seems to be a bit low.

Set the Right Temperature

Maintaining the right temperature will help improve the efficiency of your boiler and also ensures you don’t end up wasting your money. It is a good idea to keep it around 18C, especially when you’re away for a few hours or asleep. When you’re at home and active, you may want to keep it around 21C to stay comfortable. Remember, you’d be wasting a lot more money – up to 7% – for each degree above ambient. Just by wearing proper clothing, you can keep yourself comfortable even if the temperature in your home never goes beyond 20C.

Check Radiators Carefully

Regularly checking your radiators will go a long way towards keeping your boilers fit. It is important to purge them regularly to ensure there is no air accumulated inside.  Keep in mind that sometimes it is not possible for the average person to check radiators properly. If that is the case, you may want to call in a professional, and you can always rely on LS1 Boilers.

So, pay attention to maintaining your boiler properly and it will keep serving you well for years to come.

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