Tidying Solutions to Organize Your Messy Cords

Last updated on July 16, 2020

If there’s one place that you ever look at and instantly feel an overwhelming feeling of “ugh, I’ll deal with this later”, it’s definitely the pile of messy cords that have been lying there for what seems like forever. When sorting out your cord looks like a confusing and tedious task to do, you probably won’t do it. There just never seems to be a good time where you’d feel like organizing these wires and cords because they all just look like one big pile of tangled wires at this point. That’s when you kind of know that things are out of hand.

If finding a way out of the huge pile of wire problem never crossed your mind, then you’re in luck because this article will give you quite a bunch of solutions you can work with to help you out when facing the big bad wires haunting your house/workplace.

What's Inside?

Always Start off with Nothing Plugged in

Before you enter the belly of the beast and try to tidy up a sea of wires, it’s probably going to be smarter to unplug them all first. Remove every single wire from its socket and then start separating them all one by one. Lay them down next to you in an organized manner so that you can start plugging them back in without any confusion building up along the way.

Separate the Essentials

When you’re done with untangling all your cords, and you’re about to plug them all back in, make sure that you first separate every power cord that powers something like your TV or your computer as it’s probably going to be the most essential. It’s your house/workplace though, so whichever wire you tend to use the most and feel like it is the most important, plug that somewhere different from everything else. Everything that isn’t as necessary like a fan or a charger can be plugged somewhere entirely different for easier access. Plus, you can easily switch off all the outlets connected to the unnecessary wires whenever you want.

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Place the Wiring in an Organized Manner

To tidy up the messy cords you’re dealing with, you need to find a way to place them out of sight. Having a lot of wires always lying around gives your house an untidy look, so hiding them out of sight kind of deals with your problem in a different way. You can’t just shove them somewhere no one can see through, you need to make sure you’re able to adjust them whenever you want so they can’t really be completely hidden. Curling up your wires makes them not take as much space and it avoids tangling up the cords at the same time.

Label Everything

It’s easy to find out which wire is the one that charges your phone, but you have a lot more wires getting tangled together like a bunch of snakes snuggling. The worst part is, they’re all the same color. So you sit there tracing a wire from start to finish to check where it connects, and when you eventually do find out, you’d still have to do the same thing for all of the others too. This is a very tiring process that wouldn’t even happen if you just place a small sticky note that labels the wire and where it connects. A solution so simple to do; all it needs is just a small label that you can stick onto the cord and voila. Problem solved.

Make Sure No Wires Are Hazardous

There’s a huge difference between the wires you regularly see and the wires that are hidden behind walls all around the house. Checking on those electrical wires is super important as they’re the ones that keep the light on and the fridge running. Finding out that they’re not really safe at the moment because they need repairs is a very serious situation that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Thankfully, it’s also an easy situation to deal with because all you need to do is to wrap the damaged wire with a split duct that’s basically a protective layer for your wire that will keep all damages out and all potential hazards at bay. Fixing both the damaged wire and the messiness of the wires seems like a dream come true.

DIY Solutions to Wire Storage

Tossing all the wires you’re not using at the moment in one place is an easy solution to get rid of the mess they make. But we both know that it’s only temporary because you’ll have to dive back into that mess and retrieve that one wire by having to untangle five others that have magically wrapped themselves around the one you need.

Whether you keep all the wires in a box or a random drawer in the house, you can very simply just curl the wires and hold them separate from all the other wires without taking too much space with any random household object.

You have a lot of things you don’t use around the house that can come in handy for separating those wires. Using just toilet paper rolls, a big paper clip, a hair tie, or a rubber band will do the trick to keep them neatly stored and separated. Plus remember labeling? You can easily write a label to remember what the wire is for when you search for it in the future.

DIY Solution to Wire Organization

The DIY solutions don’t just stop at storage, there’s also maintaining the look of your house/workplace. Wires always make the house/workplace look messy, even if they’re kept neat. Hiding the wires and the sockets into a shoebox that you’ve made holes in or a small pouch that leaves them looking fancy helps give your house/workplace décor a more sophisticated look. You can find hundreds of different ways to better hide/display the cords and the sockets in your household on the internet with just a quick search!

Looking over at the pile of wires you have shouldn’t bring you eternal misery anymore. Even if you won’t get up and organize all those wires right now, at least you know what to do when you eventually get in the habit of doing it. It really isn’t that hard to change something around the house or workplace that looks really messy and unsolvable into something really neat and organized.

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