The Pros and Cons of Dumpsters vs. Dump Trailers

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Trailers used to remove construction debris vary in size, costs, and types. It is always important to know what size and type of trailer you may need for all kinds of construction projects. You won’t need a slide off dumpster to do small-scale renovation projects around your property.

What's Inside?

What Are Dump Trailers?

Dump trailers can be dropped off at a renovation site for construction workers to toss the debris into the container. They feature box-type walls to pile the leftover debris inside the trailer. The trailers have their own set of wheels built into the manufacturing process to make it easier to hook the trailer for travel. Think of them as a huge box with wheels for mobility.

The most popular dump trailers are I-beam, tubular, and channel designs. Channel frames are the cheapest type available. These are smaller trailers for use on projects with less waste for removal from construction sites. I-beam frame trailers are more expensive for construction debris removal. They are a heavier duty type of trailer used when more debris must be removed from a job site. Tubular designed trailers are the sturdiest of the three types mentioned.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dumpsters

They’re several advantages to slide-off dumpsters. You can generally find one available when it could be needed for debris removal. They can be a more affordable option for you when concerned about high construction budgets. Dumpsters are a good option for people that need to remove large quantities of debris over a week or more. You have more control over when you want the removal service to pick up the dumpster.

Dumpsters are more convenient than rubber wheel trailers. A roll-off rental dumpster is easier to work with when removal is required. The rental service will drive out to the site to pick it up for you. They are less of a worry for the person renting the unit because the service you rent from takes care of that burden.

The disadvantages might make using the trailers more of a burden. Landfills must be open when the trailers need transport to the facility. You might have to pay for extra days when facilities are closed on weekends and holidays. Certain materials might not be allowed at a landfill and must be hauled to a recovery facility that receives hazardous wastes in your area.

Trailer size variations might mean more trips to dump construction debris, depending on how large the project might be. Huge projects require the largest dumpsters that still might take several trips to remove construction debris. The drivers with the removal service must be insured and carry a proper driving license to haul the waste.

Roll-off dumpsters are an excellent choice for large amounts of renovation waste from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Be sure to check on any permits required in your area before deciding to use a dump trailer for rent service.

Home Renovation Projects That May Need a Dump Trailer

Heavier waste materials from home improvement projects should be removed with roll-off dumpsters. Concrete blocks, roofing materials, boards with nails, and other types of construction debris can be removed more safely inside a dumpster. It prevents debris from falling out onto highways that can lead to additional costs. Dumpsters are more practical for huge scale renovation projects.

A dump trailer is a better option for small renovation projects. Removing old windows or replacing old siding is a good example of small projects for a dump trailer’s use. Tearing old shingles off a roof is another example of using a dump trailer. Costs will generally be cheaper than renting a slide-off dumpster.

Some people might consider buying a traditional dump trailer with wheels when they do many small renovation projects on their property. Others don’t care to store a trailer on their property and decide to go with dump trailers for rent service.

Plan Your Renovation Costs Carefully

Renting any type of trailer to remove construction wastes will vary in costs. Think about things like how long it will take to remove the debris. There makes little sense in having a unit placed on the property for extended amounts of time, which only adds to construction budgets.

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