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If you or a family member suffers from balance problems or other instability issues, having bathroom grab bars is an extremely important part of making sure you have a safe environment. The bathroom is one of the most common areas in a home for accidents to occur; fortunately, with a little planning and a few simple preventative measures, you can make this room safer and more accessible for everyone in your family.

Grab bars placed next to the toilet as well as in the bathtub or shower can provide the added security you need to protect against falls. Whether you’re concerned about someone with limited mobility, a young child or even a senior citizen who might not be as sure-footed as they once were, strategically placed bathroom grab bars offer an important measure of security for every member of your family.

Most bathroom grab bars are extremely easy to install and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes to help blend into your bathroom’s décor. You can choose grab bars with a variety of attractive features, such as rounded brackets or an elegant oil rubbed bronze or polished nickel finish. While the bright finish of chrome is often a popular choice, it is certainly not your only option. Depending on the décor of your bathroom, you can now choose bathroom grab bars that will blend in seamlessly and contribute to the overall design and beauty of this space.

From traditional designs to sleek and modern flip up models, bathroom grab bars are anything but boring. In addition to the many finishes, you can also choose from a variety of lengths and styles that will not only fit your bathroom décor, but will offer the safety you’re looking for. It is important to get a good understanding of exactly what you need in your bathroom before making any decisions.

When safety is a concern, bathroom grab bars are the perfect solution. Protect your loved ones by providing an easy way to keep them safe. Bathrooms are often slippery and a major contributor to falls and injuries. Keep your family safe with easy to install bathroom grab bars.