The Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

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With so many choices available for replacement windows, many people in the market for new windows might be asking themselves “what type of windows will work best for me?” One of the most common options consumers will come across regarding windows are vinyl systems, and for good reason: vinyl windows are durable, thermally efficient, and typically have little maintenance involved with them. 

What's Inside?


Vinyl windows are typically more durable than wood or composite windows. Vinyl windows are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), or for simplicity sake, are made of plastic. The largest advantage of using a PVC based product over wood or composite windows for your windows is that PVC cannot decay, rot or become moldy; a common issue with wood window systems for example.

In addition, unlike other window systems that can start to shift or buckle due to everyday use, good quality replacement vinyl windows are typically constructed with reinforcing chambers that allow the windows to endure maximum strain during heavy usage.

Thermal Efficiency

With changing technology in the replacement window market, vinyl windows typically have some of the most thermally efficient technologies available to consumers. For example, traditional windows typically carried a single pane glass system. With only a single pane of glass between the home and the outdoors, these types of windows contributed heavily to discomfort and heat loss throughout the home.

With the changing demands of heating and cooling, and the costs to heat or cool a home rising dramatically, having single pane systems can not only contribute to discomfort in the home but can significantly impact a consumer’s wallet. Replacement vinyl windows have evolved to carry double, or even triple, pane glass systems. Between the panes of glasshouses argon, or in particular cases a Crypton gas fill; in simple terms think of these gases as an invisible insulator that reduces heat loss. 


One of the common concerns consumers have when looking at replacement windows is will there be maintenance involved over the lifespan of my product? 

Based on the durability of replacement vinyl windows, the chance of having to repair them becomes very low. A lot of quality replacement vinyl windows have handles and latches that have been put through extreme stress testing to ensure that the consumer gets the best quality experience with their product.

However, In the event that there are issues with the replacement vinyl window themselves or hardware, a lot of them have been designed to be easily disassembled so if there’s an issue it becomes very easy to swap out pieces or parts to fix the problem. One final piece of mind for consumers when it comes to the longevity of their replacement vinyl windows is that many manufacturers offer true lifetime warranties that cover any potential issue that may arise from manufacturing defects or workmanship errors. 

Windows can become a costly investment, so as a consumer making the right decision for your home might feel overwhelming. However, with the durability, thermal efficiency, and lack of maintenance that come standard with many quality replacement vinyl window systems, it’s easy to see why many consumers have moved entirely from wood and composite systems. 

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