Taking Your DIY Skills to the Next Level

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Thanks to Youtube, we’re all just one or two tutorials away from being able to fix whatever problem we encounter ourselves. It can be how to change a tire or even how to cook the perfect steak, but it goes as far as quadrocopters and work you would maybe even consider paying a contractor to do.

Being able to do handy work yourself saves you time, money, plus the satisfaction of getting something done right is addictive. So if you are trying to push the limits to what you can accomplish on your own, all the more power to you. You have probably done all of the basics already and know your way around a set of tools and some duct tape. It’s time you took things up a notch and started shooting for the DIY big leagues. Here’s what some of the more advanced DIY ideas look like:

DIY Air Filter

Unfortunately, many places in the world are plagued by poor air conditions. A brand-name filter can be prohibitively expensive, but the unclear air isn’t the healthiest to live in. Using some simple enough materials, you can build a functional air filter for a fraction of the cost.

What you need is an upright fan around 13’’ wide and tall that has either a flat back or front. After that, get HEPA filter and a way of tying the filter to the fan, and you’re ready to start.

You’ll then remove the grate on the fan on the flat end and turn the knob to full and pull it out, it can obstruct the HEPA filter. Tie or otherwise secure the filter to the front, and voila! Cheap and surprisingly decent air filtration.

If this project was particularly enjoyable for you, you might have an aptitude for ventilation systems, programs for every US state can be explored through hvacprograms.net. Either way, it’s important to be able to keep the air you breathe as non-toxic as possible. Why not take matters into your own hands?

Building your own PC

Most PCs out there were bought pre-assembled, with a company picking what individual parts went into it and what level of premium they’ll charge for it. Anyone who needs the quickest computer for their budget ought to look into buying your own parts to build your own working PC.

Besides some small tools and a little know-how from the internet, it’s a bit of a process that must be done with care but isn’t out of the realm of possibilities for most people.

Maintenance will also be a pinch easier with a self-built PC because you’ll be better at diagnosing issues on account of you, building it from the ground up yourself.

In truth, there is no limit you can take your DIY skills to. Becoming a self-made master gives you a level of independence that a large enough percentage of the population lacks. Knowing how to leverage all of the materials available to you for the greatest effect is a sign of intelligence and you’d be surprised what you can build. It might be a homemade phone charger or a cranking flashlight, you never know what you’ll be able to build until you try!