21 Simple Table Setting Ideas for Your Next Dinner or Holiday Party

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Are you planning a dinner or Holiday party at your home? You have to see these simple yet elegant table setting and decor ideas.

When entertaining your guests, the tablescape is what everyone is talking about. You can make it simple or fancy, but it will leave a long lasting impression. After all, it’s where your guests will probably spend most of the time. So you want to entertain them with little surprises, beautiful trinkets, and anything that would make them feel welcome.

We’ve picked up some fantastic table decor ideas for you to consider next time you set the table. Be it a party, a holiday, or just another family night at home. Some of these ideas will surprise you, some of them will make you go “aww,” and you will love all of them. Let’s begin!

What's Inside?

Green Branch Runner

tree branch

Want to bring lively nature to the table? Add some green branches as the centerpiece runner. It’s just a simple but brilliant rustic decor idea applied to the table setting. And it costs nothing to try.



Another idea that would fit the fall and spring themes alike. Add sunflowers to each sitting place. It’s the yellow pop of color against the muted rustic wood that creates a striking accent.

Rustic Mugs

rustic mugs

Do you like to surprise when you’re entertaining your guests? These rustic wooden mugs add character to the setting.

Plaid Napkins and Twine

plaid napkins

The combination of plaid napkins and twine is all the rage right now in rustic and farmhouse tablescapes. It’s the simplicity and the cozy looks that play the cards right.

Pinecone Tags

pinecone tag

Another free accent you can bring to the table is the pinecones used as name tags. Perfect for any fall themed party or holiday.

Flower Runner

flowers runner

Talk about simple centerpieces and runners. Spread live flowers along the center of the table. It’s simple, but it looks very authentic.

Fall Leafs

fall leaves

Continuing the theme of putting free things on the table, the colorful fall maple leaves against a burlap napkin must be explored as a unique feature.

Burlap Runner


It’s incredible how simple burlap can be used with so much success. The table set this way is simple but very cozy. It’s just the right combination for a family dinner outing.



Hygge is the Scandinavian way of creating coziness with simple things. So add a dried poppy or a small bowl of almonds as an authentic and natural accent. It just makes you feel good inside.

Accent Cloth

accent cloth

Tabletop decor with carelessly spread accent cloth is also all the rage right now. It’s that devil-may-care vibe that gets people to talk at the table. You may very well try this idea too.

Gilded Accents

4 Stunning Table Settings for Any Occasion
Credit: www.onekingslane.com

Gilded accents on plates and utensils are playfully modern. Use this idea if you’re hosting a dinner party and want to establish a playful vibe.

Rosemary Table Runner

Autumn Entertaining: A Rosemary-Inspired Dinner – The Decor – Rip & Tan
Website: ripandtan.jennikayne.com

We all go crazy about rustic table decor, and this is one of those ideas. Create a centerpiece runner from… rosemary. Whoever thought using herbs for decoration is a good idea was crazy but right.

Modern Meets Earthy

Modernist Home Guildford
Credit: www.houzz.com

How to transform a modern setting into a warm, earthy, and welcoming dinner party setting? Using rustic dishware and greenery might work.

Christmas Tree Tablescape

Site: www.houzz.com

Who says the Christmas tree cannot be part of the holiday tablescape? It sure can. And it makes a fantastic table setting for the holidays.

Classy and Intricate

Hingham Shipyard Home
Site: www.houzz.com

If you want to add some unique pizzazz to your dinner party table setting, consider adding some unique vases that you may have at home or pick up in a thrift store.

Pops of Color

Chiswick 1
Site: www.houzz.com

Nothing fancy here. But adding pops of colors is very simple and budget-friendly to make a dinner party playful.

DIY Leaf Name Tags

DIY Leaf Name Tags
Site: blog.vickybarone.com

Do you need to make your party special? If fall is your theme, consider making these DIY name tags from leaves. They look simple but thoughtful and stunning.

Thankful Gathering

Pumpkin & Gingham Fall Tablescape
Source: frazzledjoy.com

This idea is, of course, perfect for Thanksgiving. Use all the seasonal accents in a cozy rustic theme.

Cherry Blossom Branch

Cherry Blossom Branch Tablescape with Family Heirlooms
Site: designthusiasm.com

Need ideas for a spring table setting? Find inspiration from this cherry blossom branch tablescape with family heirlooms and pretty pink blossoms. Check out the article to see the complete guidance.

Fruit and Floral Centerpiece Runner

Fruit and Floral Centerpiece Runner
Site: pizzazzerie.com

Create a stunning fruit and floral centerpiece runner with these step-by-step instructions and tutorial video for this easy entertaining DIY. Read the article to see how it’s done.

Muted Minimalism

The table is set
Site: cocolapinedesign.com

We love these settings by Broste Copenhagen for their new catalog. The muted colors go so well with the gold cutlery (which is so lovely, isn’t it ?). Read this website to get the full guidance and instructions.

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