6 Common Problems a Good Mattress Can Help Solve

Last updated on June 20, 2020

Looking to replace your old mattress? Here are six common problems that your new mattress can help you solve. Read on!

Your mattress is a part of your daily life and a vital asset with widespread implications. It can determine the comfort of your body, the quality of your sleep, and the general mood of the day. The mattress you choose is fundamental to addressing some of the most common issues that arise in bed. According to BedAdvisor.com, a good mattress is an important investment that you can make to solve most bed-related problems.

A good mattress can spice up your life. It can make your nights more comfortable and your days rewarding and fulfilling. Here are some common problems that a good mattress can help fix.

What's Inside?

Back Pains

sleeping on a mattress

Back pain is a common problem associated with people sleeping on the wrong mattresses. The pain arises from inadequate spine support. The spine is a collection of interlocking bones, some with curves that need ideal support when you’re sleeping. A mattress that’s too soft makes the spine lack appropriate support and strains the bones.

Likewise, a firm mattress denies the spine the flexibility to relax when you get to bed. A good mattress provides balanced support, protecting the spine from strain and supporting comfort. It protects tendons and ligaments connecting the spine with other bones from unnecessary pressures when you’re sleeping.

Poor Sleep

mattress comfort

The mattress you sleep on has a direct effect on the quality of sleep you get when you rest in your bed. Struggling with sleep is a profound problem affecting many people, irrespective of their age. A bad mattress is partly the cause of poor sleep because it can rob you of the comfort necessary to relax your body in the correct posture. Choosing a good mattress can be a remedy for poor sleep because it allows your body to align itself without strain. It’s easier to get a night of good sleep when the body is comfortable in bed. 

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Accumulation of dust mites on your mattress can make you susceptible to allergies. The fecal matter they release is inhalable and can cause difficulties in breathing. These dust mites can also irritate the eyes and cause rashes all over your body. Other common materials that accumulate on mattresses include dust particles and mold. If you spend long hours in bed, your risk of falling for allergies is even higher.

Some mattress types accumulate dust mites faster because of their material make up. A good mattress has a level of repulsion to dust mites. It’s also easier when cleaning to keep dust mites away. Sleeping on a good mattress will protect you from exposure to dust mites and protect you from allergies.

Bad Smell


Mattresses release an odor, more so when they are new. The smell might not be harmful, but it can be irritating. Some mattresses take longer to get rid of the smell – this means you’ll have to bear with the odor for a long time. A good mattress always stands out from the rest even when it’s new. It may have a smell, but its smell fades off quickly. This is because manufacturers of good mattresses remove the gases before they pack them for sale.


hand test mattress

It’s always good to get value for your money. There are many types of mattresses available. Some are cheap, some sell at average prices, and some are a bit expensive. A mattress that sags within a short time, like within a couple of months, may not be a suitable deal. You expect your mattress to last for a long time before you replace it.

A good mattress can help you avoid the issue of sagging. It maintains steadiness and lasts long enough before you need to get a replacement. Flabby mattresses tend to wear from the center and can leave you with a frustrating problem.

Uncomfortable Temperature

warm bed

You expect an excellent mattress to blend with the temperature of your environment to make your bedroom comfortable. The structure of your mattress directly determines its response to changes in environmental temperature. Mattresses that store heat in warm environments will make you uncomfortable. Mattresses that become cold with the weather may not be comfortable. A good mattress can help you solve the problem of temperature fluctuations and comfort you irrespective of the changes in temperature. 

A good mattress can give your body a comfortable rest and a good sleep. It can protect you from the effects of allergies as it’ll repel dust mites and be easy to clean. The smell of a good new mattress fades away faster. So, you don’t have to bear with an irritating odor for too long. It can save you from frustrating flabbiness and stay comfortable with changes in temperature.

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