Moving Out? Get Your Deposit Back With These Tips!

Last updated on November 7, 2023

Moving is always a thrilling experience for anybody, but making sure to get your security deposit back from your previous apartment or unit is probably the most challenging part of the moving process.

You’ve taken care of your old unit as much as you could during your tenancy there, but sometimes there are just some damages you could not avoid.

Luckily, most common scuffs and marks can be easily removed using some regular household cleaning supplies. Before you get moving, you may want to look into ways you can refresh the unit so you can get that security deposit back with ease!

Here are 6 tips on moving out that will surely make your previous landlord happy, as well as the next tenants of the unit:

Lift Carpet Dents with an Iron or a Hair Dryer

carpet dents

Heavy furniture like sofas and beds usually don’t move from place to place, so they stay on the same spot on the carpet, denting it over time. If after moving your furniture, and you find dents in the carpet, don’t panic. There are two ways to lift up those dents like they were never there in the first place!

The first method is using an iron. This method is great for natural fibers, as polymer fibers may melt under the heat of the iron. Simply place a damp towel on the dented area, and iron the towel until the moisture has completely dried up. Repeat as needed until the dent has been lifted.

The second method works for most carpet materials and uses a hairdryer as the heat source. Spritz some water over the dented area until it is damp, then use the hairdryer on its heat setting to dry the dampened area. Take a coin or other flat tool and fluff up the carpet as you go along until the dent has completely lifted.

Cover Holes with Soap or an Easy Spackling Tool

fixing wall

Those nail holes may have been a good idea to hang up your photos or framed artworks, but many landlords dispute over damages to the wall with nails and hooks. Don’t jeopardize your security deposit, and fill up these holes before you move out.

Soap is a great product to use for the wall, as the holes are small enough for soap to do a good job of covering it up. For larger holes in the walls, grab a spackling pen or easy spackling tool from your local hardware store and spackle away! Those walls have never looked better.

Get Moving Out Cleaning Services

moving out

Depending on where your previous rented unit is located, you may find cleaning services that can do all the upkeep for you. Moving out is stressful enough, and having to clean your previously rented unit adds to your list of stressors that you can’t escape from, especially if you want that security deposit back.

Many housing complexes have strict standards on the condition of the unit at the end of occupancy, but cleaning companies that offer end of tenancy cleaning in apartments and units are well-versed in clearing rented units in compliance with generally accepted building cleanliness standards. Professional cleaners can get that unit looking like new!

Most professional moving out cleaning crews have been well-trained to tackle the cleaning job without damaging anything in the unit, making sure you don’t run into any problems with your landlord in getting your security deposit back. Be sure to get cleaners only from reputable companies, as they have the proper training to handle such a task.

Get Rid of Scuff Marks from Wooden Floors and Furniture with Walnuts

hardwood flooring

Those beautiful wooden floors and fixtures will surely be missed, but those scratches and scuff marks can go. Get rid of these scuff marks using a surprising household ingredient: walnut! 

Take a raw walnut, and run it over the scuff marks and scratches. Keep rubbing until the walnut releases natural oils. These natural oils oxidize and will darken into the color of wood, so those scuff marks and scratches will be completely hidden, and the oils also act as a protective coating against moisture!

Clean the Oven with Some Vinegar and Baking Soda

Natural Apple cider vinegar

If your previously rented apartment is the type with a built-in oven, chances are you’ve used it a couple of times during your tenancy. Sure, you can easily use the “clean” function of the oven to char the grime and food particles away, but that awful burning smell is not good for our lungs.

Instead, grab some vinegar and baking soda. Create a paste from the two ingredients and apply it all over the oven, focusing on the areas with the most charred bits. Let the paste sit for a few minutes, then use a soft brush to scrub away the loosened residue. Wipe clean and that oven will be sparkling again!

Remove Rings from the Bathtub with Lemon and Salt

lemon cleaning

You’ve had amazing self-care days in that bathtub, soaking in a nice, warm bath surrounded by scented candles and fizzing in your favorite bath bomb. But since then, the bathtub has accumulated a nasty ring around it. Don’t fret, you can clean that off with ease.

Take a lemon slice and add some rock salt to it. Use the lemon slice as a scrubber, and scrub out those rings in circular motions. The acidity of the lemon breaks down the mineral deposits and soap scum, while the salt provides gentle abrasion to loosen the grime. Just rinse and repeat as needed. 


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