7 Maintenance Tips to Boost Efficiency of Your Home Furnace

Last updated on June 11, 2024

Getting your home heating system in order is extremely important. So don’t wait for the heating season to start, use these maintenance tips to boost the efficiency of your home furnace.

You need to evaluate your furnace at home at least once a year. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help you in keeping away the cold, enabling your home to become energy-efficient, and maintaining heating bills at a low rate. You will be able to have more savings through yearly furnace maintenance and tuning up.

Nevertheless, if there are cases where the furnace does not function well, and you are not comfortable fixing it yourself, a professional furnace repair service should be notified. Numerous companies are accessible for furnace repair and other cities in the country.

Below are seven useful tips on furnace maintenance to help new homeowners:

Switch off the Gas and Power Before Servicing

It is essential to switch off the power or gas of your furnace to prevent overheating. If you are not entirely sure how to switch it off or you are uncertain about how to perform maintenance, you need to contact a highly competent HVAC technician who can accurately and safely clean and maintain your furnace.

Monitor the Pilot Light

It is essential to check the pilot light of a furnace. This is because one of the significant parts of a furnace that is responsible for its operation is the pilot light. It also tells the level of the burning of the gas, and whether the ratio is accurate or not. The pilot light needs to be blue since a yellow flame or any color of the flame indicates that something is wrong with it. It may mean that there is excessive production of carbon monoxide. Being able to monitor the pilot light can help minimize hazards from occurring.

Have Annual Scheduled Inspections

Small maintenance is very significant, but annual inspections can be similarly substantial and can help prevent furnace issues. Such checks can identify problems that the naked eye cannot detect. Several HVAC companies will provide coupons or deals during the fall for the preparation of furnaces for the winter season.

Replace Air Filters

The replacement of furnace air filters may aid in maintaining furnace efficiency. When furnaces have to function more to keep the air throughout the entire system, it takes more resources and energy. Ensuring that air filters remain clean is a simple maintenance approach to help reduce utility bills and maintain the smooth operation of the furnaces.

Maintain Cleanliness

Regular cleaning of the furnace or fireplace is one of the most effective approaches to prevent expensive problems. The outside of the furnace needs to be free of debris or dust. The blower assembly also needs cleaning. The blower should be next to the air filters and is the second spot where air penetrates. Thus, it may get dirty similar to an air filter. Professionals and instructional guides can assist you in searching for the location of the blower and its precise cleaning method. A damp cloth works well.

Check for Furnace Noise

Unusual noises coming from the furnace may signify that there is a problem. Being aware of furnace noises can be a more effective way to check if there are issues and to ensure the proper working condition of your furnace. It may not cover all the problems of the furnace, yet it can somehow minimize other concerns that are quite unnoticeable.

Clean and Maintain the Vents

Most of the furnace systems involve vents. Warm air flows to various rooms through such vents. Maintaining its cleanliness can have an impact on the effort of the furnace in heating the house. Cleaning vents are simple, and they are usually done by pulling off of the vent and vacuuming the duct. Maintaining the cleanliness of these vents may have an impact on the amount of pollen and dust that spread throughout the house.

It is very significant to consider furnace maintenance. New homeowners need to ensure that they know the proper approaches in keeping the furnace functioning properly.


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