5 Productivity-Boosting Lighting Trends for Your Home Office

Last updated on October 26, 2023

Lighting is one of the keys to a well-designed home office. Here are five ideas that will help you set up the right lighting and boost your productivity too. Read on!

Everyone is looking for that extra bit of motivation while working at home. Effective lighting is a great way to boost productivity that often goes neglected. When all the comforts of home are an arm’s length away, it’s so important to stay locked in “the zone.” The right lighting can keep you there.

If you are looking for the best way to improve the lighting in your workspace, we are here to help. No matter your working style, our tips on how to light up your life will give you the boost you need to get the job done faster and better.

Blue-Enriched White Light

floating light bulb

Science is on our side with this one. Research shows that blue-enriched white light increases alertness, mood, and mental acuity. Those who have tried it report better performance and less fatigue across the board. 

How does it work?

Our circadian rhythm drives us to get sleepy once it gets dark by producing the hormone melatonin. Warmer lighting mimics the light at the end of the day, leading us to feel more relaxed and sleepy. Blue light-enriched bulbs emit “cooler” wavelengths that keep melatonin at bay and boost focus and performance. Blue light literally keeps our brains in a midday state so we stay productive without even trying. 

Blue light can go anywhere up to 17,000 K (opposed to the 2000-5000 K range of warmer lights). That’s a serious productivity boost. If you have trouble staying on task, blue-enriched white light is the way to go. 

The only problem is that these bulbs are still new and can be difficult to find. You might want to bookmark this tech for a future buy.

Levitating Lights

Modern marvels in levitation technology such as Volta by Floately enhance productivity in a completely different way. Just looking at these impressive feats of engineering is enough to get inspired. Electromagnets and real wireless electricity cause these bulbs to gently float in midair as if by magic, creating a truly mesmerizing ambiance.

The slowly spinning lightbulb has a focus-driving effect and can do wonders to get those wheels in your head spinning too. Having this warm rotating light as the centerpiece of a low-lighted area creates a gentle, cozy atmosphere, not unlike a fireplace. But, Volta has also been optimized to emit light at a precise color temperature to clear the mind and reduce stress—ideal for working when deadlines approach. 

If you’re heading back to the office at some point, that’s even better. Volta goes anywhere with ease, and it’s guaranteed to make a big impression on any manager or client that comes into your workspace. 

Volta is the future of productivity-enhancing lighting. And it’s relatively affordable considering the ultra-strong bulb lasts for 20+ years and the levitation power lasts forever.  

These make wonderful gifts for anyone, but especially for the technology buffs and minimalists among us. (Get a special discount on your Volta today and experience the game-changing effects of levitation for your workspace. )

SAD Light Boxes

floating light bulb bedroom

Contrary to the name, these lights will make you anything but sad. SAD is an acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of seasonal depression that can affect us in the winter due to the lack of sunlight. 

Our brains need natural light to stay happy and productive. When they aren’t getting enough, our serotonin levels drop and so does our mood and motivation.

SAD light boxes, sometimes called light therapy lamps, offer relief during these dark times. At 10,000 lux or more (lux is the measurement used for light intensity as perceived by the human eye), these handy lights can boost our serotonin and vitamin D levels when we are feeling a little depressed. 

Just a half-hour or so in front of a SAD box is enough to get you over the bump when working at home this autumn and winter.

Smart Lighting

smart floating light bulb

Smart LED bulbs have software inside linked to an app, device, or some other smart accessory. You can automate your lights or control them remotely at the touch of a button. Dim the lights to the relaxing ambiance you need or brighten them again without moving from your chair. Certain lights even let you switch their color.

Smart lighting revolves around efficiency, convenience, and adaptability. No matter what aesthetic or practical effect you need, smart lighting puts it at your fingertips. This can be crucial when you are trying to keep your mood stabilized during a stressful day or when you need a change of pace to perk up. The right lighting can be as effective as a cup of coffee!

When you’re really in the zone and can’t lift those fingers from the keyboard, many smart lights will even let you change your lighting and transform the atmosphere in your home office with your voice alone. That’s power. 

Soft Metallic and Matte Fixtures

floating light bulb table

Sometimes the enclosure of your lighting is just as important as the bulb itself. 

Lighting ergonomics considers human psychology and physiology in product design. Lights with soft metallic or matte finishing have been proven to provide warmth and security. They also blend seamlessly with any décor, whether it’s modern, classic, deco, industrial, or anywhere in between.

Matte and soft metallic finishes have been on the upswing for a few years now. Soft gold in particular is all the rage these days. Brushed silver and black matte are popular too.

Your style is a part of your productivity. You need to feel at home in your home office, so make sure it’s a place that gives you energy. If you don’t have a particular style, go for matte and metallic finishes to boost your productivity.  

Your Productivity, Illuminated

How do you feel when you step into your home office? Are you happy to be there? Do you feel ready to work? Or are you thinking about how close you are to your sofa and TV? There are a number of ways to get in “the zone” in your home office, but it all starts with lighting. 

Adopt one or more of the trends on our list and you’re all but guaranteed to feel more energized and happier every time you start your day working at home. 

If you need a productivity push, you won’t get a better one than this: You can save $50 off Volta, the levitating light, right now, and see your productivity and inspiration skyrocket within days. 


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