Dark kitchen cabinets colors are currently considered very stylish. They furnish even the most modest of kitchens with a dramatic edge. This is especially true if you know what colors and decorative items match best with dark cabinets.

White walls make an arresting contrast against dark kitchen cabinets. The combination gives your kitchen a very contemporary look. This is especially true if you also opt for appliances made of stainless steel and a granite counter top. You can complete this look with gray floor tiles to make your kitchen look ultramodern and luxurious, and which will impress anyone who visits your home. If you wish, you could add some vividly colored accent pieces to make your kitchen look a little bit more relaxed.

Bright vivid wall colors also match well with dark kitchen cabinets if you are going for a casual varied look. However, it is important not to go overboard if you are going to use bright primary colors. Stick with just one or two primary shades to avoid making your kitchen look like a garish rainbow. If you go with primary colors on your walls, you should also use neutral accent pieces to avoid the rainbow look. It might also be a good idea to paint one or two walls white, so the room is not saturated with color. It’s worth bearing in mind that the use of primary colors with dark cabinets works best in large kitchens that have a lot of natural light.

Some people like to use muted pastel tones with dark wall cabinets. Pastel shades add a touch of color without overpowering the room with intensity. Muted tones are ideal in a kitchen that has a traditional cozy look. If you like rural country styles, this look is definitely for you. Muted or pastel tones are also ideal for smaller kitchens that do not have a great deal of natural light.

In the end, it is important to go with the look you like best to match with your dark kitchen cabinets. You can always peruse the internet for more ideas, or buy home decor magazines if you still need inspiration.