The Top 5 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule 2021

Last updated on May 8, 2022

These are the top five trends that will see a lot in interior design this year. Will you get inspired? Read on!

The interior design of your home is like a fashion statement, how you decide to decorate your living space depends on personal taste and there won’t be a house that will look the same. But the year 2021 brings some interesting and revolutionary changes to interior design that have been caused by 2020, a year that has led us to think deeply about how we live. Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, we have become more home-bound than ever before and our sheltered sense of living has caused us to make some changes to our living spaces.

Design trends for 2021 will lean toward creating a home environment that is comfy and that is multifunctional. Making use of every aspect of furniture and decor is becoming a major trend this year. As more and more people will seek to transform their living space with extravagant large screen TVs and even the newly accepted concept of the home office. 

Large Screen TVs

tv placement

In 2021, people will strive to create a living space with flat-screen TVs and home surround sound systems for their leisure time at home. Home entertainment spaces are going to explode in popularity since more people are staying at home due to social distancing rules. Leisure time will be given to TV shows and movies from popular providers like NetFlix, Hulu, and YouTube. Watching movies at the movie theaters is temporarily going to be put on pause due to social distancing restrictions, and this will urge people to create their own theater at home to accommodate for this. From the outset, the weekend has called people to go out, but this year, to a lesser degree. A spike in TV sales is very likely this year.

The Home Office

home office

Home offices will be more commonplace than ever before in 2021. For the working professional, this is good news and bad news. On the bright side, you won’t need to spend gas and put miles on your car to drive to your workplace, and you can avoid those traffic jams, but being enclosed indoors for days on end can drain you. That is why for 2021, working professionals are going to layout a home office space that is multifunctional, vibrant, and organized so they can do their very best work while being inspired in the midst of being homebound.  

Large Windows

modern large windows

If there is one thing that brightens up a room, it’s large windows that let light enter through. In 2021, homeowners will be inclined to remodel or contract home improvement companies to redesign their windows to let more light come into the home. The lights on the ceiling that turns on with the flick of a finger fare just fine, but natural light from the sun give the interior of any home a warm and welcoming feeling that many home-bound homeowners seek.    

Comfy Furniture

sectional sofa

If you’re going to stay at home for long periods of time, you’re going to need some comfy furniture in the form of couches and chairs. Especially for the living or entertainment rooms, in 2021, families will seek to buy new furniture that is comfy and that will last for a long time. This is perfect for family time on the weekends or for invited guests. 

Wall Art and Paintings

big size wall art

Walls without any decor on them are bland and boring, we can expect in 2021 for people to purchase paintings and posters to put on their walls to bring life into their rooms. These can be paintings from popular artists or posters of their favorite rock band they have bought or have designed themselves. Artistic expression from young people in their mid-20s to early-30s will increase in 2021.  


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