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Among the opportunities to change a staircase to an interesting set of steps is a beautifully curved handrail of natural wood atop white slats. The staircase base appears as a vine wrapped with curls of white wood. Although the stairs do not slant, they seem to encircle the wall halfway up on the opposite side of the handrail. It is an intriguing design of curvature with the natural wood as an accent where it wraps from the rim of the step on the wall and back.

No matter where a body lives, there is never enough storage. What if you were to use the sides of the stairway as shelves for books and albums? The shelves do not have to be deep, a foot or a little more would be enough space. Choose your favorite shade of wood; light oak, honey maple or deep grained walnut. Create the stair treads in the same timber for continuity. It is useful, tasteful and efficient.

Mood lighting is not limited to the ceiling or specific lamps if you have a generous sized fish tank. You can create stunning interior design alternatives to mirror with custom tropical aquariums. Any capacity and dimensions you choose can be made especially to order to add harmony and elegance to your home environment. Personalize the motion and sounds of the aquarium to emphasize Feng Shui benefits of balance and good fortune. Take advantage of vastu shastra placement with a fish tank to bring success and harmony. Add bamboo in the water for good luck.

Proper lighting of the fish tank is more than being able to see the interior. It is essential for the coral, plants and anemones. Light is vital for the fish to grow healthy and it affects their demeanor. In other words, proper lighting of an aquarium affects every aspect of the life within, as well as the room in which it is located and the people who live there.

Your home is your oasis, allow it to show your tastes and ideas.