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Installing a basement bathroom can be very expensive. This is mainly because sewer systems are not usually connected to the basement. However, it is convenient for use especially when the other bathroom is upstairs.

You can choose to set up a flush up toilet. Installing a flush up toilet does not require any digging up of the basement floor. In addition, it is cost friendly as it basically requires a tank at the base which uses the mechanism of pumping waste to the current outflow line using its ejection pump. Installing also incorporates provisions of hooking other fixtures for the bathroom example showers or sinks. The tank has the ability to pump waste matter upwards to the outflow line. An electrical circuit is required for the pump motor to pump waste. However, you will be required to set up the flush up toilet higher than an ordinary toilet for it to function effectively.

You can also choose to install a closed sump tank underneath the basement floor. This is more expensive than the flush up toilet. The sump tank will pump the waste to the outflow line using the ejection pump. This tank is difficult to set up because it is installed underneath the basement floor such that the sink, toilet and shower have to feed against gravity into it. A hole 3 feet deep and with a four feet length has to be dug in the concrete. Once this is done, have an electrical circuit installed for sump tank motor. After that, run the vent lines and outlet to the current sewer system. The sump tank works very effectively to eject the sewage to the outflow system. Consult an expert who is proficient in installing such bathrooms to advise you further on what would work best for your house. Add value to your home and make use of the bathroom facilities convenient for you by installing a basement bathroom.