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Whether you moved into a home with an above ground pool or just took over the responsibility of cleaning the pool, sooner or later, you will have to run your vacuum. Swimming in an above-ground pool provides lots of fun, but you should always remember to give it regular maintenance and care.

Always ensure that your family is swimming in clean water at all times. Luckily, an above ground pool doesn’t need a lot of maintenance like an in-ground pool. However, to maintain the pool water sparkling clean and safe, you will have to vacuum the swimming pool regularly. Vacuuming more frequently will prevent the growth of algae on the floor and the walls of your pool.

Ways of Cleaning Your Above Ground Pool

There are generally two ways of vacuum cleaning your above ground pool; you can use the traditional pool vacuums or the use an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. The automatic method is less tedious and faster and in some cases offers a more thorough job because it doesn’t need a lot of physical effort.

Automatic Vacuum System

Depending on the height of your swimming pool, you will find various automatic pool cleaners on the market. For example, you can clean a pool of any surface and shape with a maximum depth of 40 feet with a robotic pool cleaner. The robotic pool vacuum cleans the pool’s cove, the walls, and the floor. The designs of automatic cleaners allow them to maneuver the pool easily giving you an efficient hands-free vacuuming ability.

The Manual Vacuum System

The manual system comprises of a head with rollers and brushes on it, a huge roll of ridges plastic hose and a fiberglass pole or a long metal. Although vacuuming your pool can be tiresome, it’s nothing when compared to balancing the pool water chemistry. Therefore, if you are ever tempted to ignore your maintenance routine, remember that rubbles on the bottom of your pool can cause algae growth, and swimming in muddy and green water is not fun at all.

To manually clean your pool, here is the process you should follow.

Remove debris from the surface of the swimming pool

Remove bugs, leaves and other debris from the surface of the pool, using a skimmer or a leaf rake. Check your skimmer basket and ensure that you clean it if need be. Turn on your pump and ensure the water is running via the filter.

Put the vacuum head into the swimming pool

Attach the vacuum hose swivel end of the head. Attach the vacuum head to the long pole and lower the entire assembly into the swimming pool, extending the long pole until the head of the vacuum reaches the bottom. Secure the pole into place and lean it against the poolside within easy reach of your water-return outlet. Hold the cleaner by the free end of the hose just in front of your water-return outlet to fill the vacuum hose with water. Ensure that one hand is on the pole to keep the head of the vacuum from floating on the surface as the air gets removed from the hose. Keep on priming the vacuum hose until it’s full of water and no bubbles are rising from the head.

Clean the bottom of the swimming pool

Keep the end of the vacuum hose in the water as you drag it away from your water-return outlet. Connect the skimmer disk and slide it into your skimmer above the suction port to start the vacuum. Otherwise, some vacuums will require you to plug the end of the hose straight into the suction port. But if you’ve to pull the end of the hose out of the water to connect it, or your skimmer disk to the suction port, then do it as fast as possible to prevent too much air from going back into the vacuum hose.

Stand comfortably in a position where you can see the bottom of your pool. Move your vacuum head gently back and forth over the pool’s bottom, overlapping the previous track with every new pass of your vacuum head. Keep the vacuum head under the water at all times to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t lose prime. Vacuum the pool continually until the bottom is sparkling clean.

Owning an above-ground swimming pool is the dream of many homeowners. It offers an excellent setting for you and your family to relax during summer seasons and also gives you an opportunity for you to bond with close friends and family members. However, with use, the swimming pool will eventually build up pebbles, leaves, dirt and other rubbles that are not only unappealing but unsanitary as well. To restore the water of the pool to its sparkling state, make vacuum cleaning your pool the right way a regular maintenance activity.