How to Understand Your Home Room By Room and the Purpose Each One Serves

Last updated on September 13, 2020

When it comes to your home, it’s the place where you can relax and “let your hair down” in a sense, right? Of course. Your home is your place of comfort and your safe haven. People’s definition of “home” also varies from person to person. For one person “home” might be their one-bedroom apartment while the next person’s “home” is their three-level condo. Regardless of what type of living space you have, whether it’s an apartment, condo, or house, that living space is what YOU call home.

With your living space being your home, a lot of people take that and run with it. By “running with it” that means that people take their sense of home and do with it whatever they want. Ultimately, you want your home to be cozy and inviting but because you live there, you have every right to do as you please in your own home, of course, but there is a certain level of respect that you should have for your home. The reality is, people do things in their homes that they just simply shouldn’t.

But as the times have changed, the purpose of the rooms in homes have drastically changed as well. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) talks about the history of the home and goes into great detail on each room and the purpose it served then. For example, look at the bedroom. Today, a person’s bedroom is a private place for sleep and rest but around 100 years ago, the bedroom was a place where people would share not only their bedrooms but their beds as well, with complete and total strangers… that’s unheard of today!

What's Inside?

Purpose of Rooms in Today’s World

The purpose of a room… you would think that it’s a no-brainer, right? Most people would… the kitchen is where you cook and sometimes eat, the bedroom is where you sleep, and the bathroom is, well… where you go to the bathroom! All of those rooms and the purpose for them are very true but we don’t always use those rooms for its specific purpose.

Bedrooms have become kitchens and kitchens have become home offices… when will the madness end! Not utilizing each room for its specific purpose has a lot to do with your daily functioning and can set the tone for how you feel based on the things that are in that specific room. Too much clutter in a room, especially when it’s clutter from a different room that doesn’t belong in that room, can actually make you feel overwhelmed.

We are going to take a look at the different rooms in a home and go over the purpose, the function, and the don’ts of that room.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the room in your home where meals are prepared, cooked, and eaten. It’s also considered as a common room where friends and family gather to not only share meals but to also share laughs and stories… it’s even been called “the heart of the home.”

In earlier years, the kitchen truly served its purpose. It was a room solely dedicated to preparing meals and eating but today it’s the center for doing homework, displaying artwork on the fridge, and the location to pay bills. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that but when those “other functions” of the kitchen start to get in the way of the kitchen’s true purpose, that’s when you have a problem.

If you can’t sit at the kitchen table for dinner because there’s bills, a laptop, and the kids’ books and backpacks on the table, you have a real problem and you’re not allowing your kitchen to serve its true purpose.

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The Home Office

The home office is not a room that all homes have. Some people will convert a bedroom that’s not being used into a home office and some people will actually have a home office built into their home. Whether you convert a room into an office or have it built into your home, this is a room that you need to make extra efforts to use this room for its specific purpose.

Why is that? A home office is a very important room because it’s where you conduct business, handle important documents, and take important phone calls. A lot of entrepreneurs will have an office in their home and it’s a great investment to have it in your home as well. 

If you do add an office to your home just make sure to utilize it for its purpose. Your desk isn’t a kitchen table to sit dirty plates and cups on. Your home office should genuinely be treated like a real office. Just because your office is at home, that doesn’t mean that its overall function and purpose should change.

The Living Room

Your living room is the room of all rooms, right? You can do just about anything in that room! But the actual purpose of your living room is to be an area for gathering, whether it be to talk, laugh, watch TV/movies, or read. But as you know, the living room can’t just serve its purpose as the living room…

Today’s world has been so digitalized and run by media that the living room is also the stand-in for the kitchen. TV has taken over so many families that nobody sits at the kitchen table for dinner anymore… everyone goes straight to the living room to eat. Why? Because the TV is in there and you can’t eat without being able to watch TV, right? That’s the very reason why TV trays were created!

Each room has a purpose and function. Not using a room for its purpose and function takes away the essence of the room. As mentioned earlier, you have every right to do whatever you want in your home but there are just certain things you shouldn’t do. If you want to accumulate bugs is different areas of your home, keep eating in your bedroom and in the living room…

The times may have changed over the years, and so has the purpose of rooms in your home but the true essence of each room remains the same so don’t compromise your home by doing unnecessary things in different rooms of your home.

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