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The space above a couch if it’s positioned against the wall cannot be left empty, that’s just good home decor sense. But just anything will not necessarily do, you want to decorate that space properly so hanging just a small picture will probably not cut it.

There are many ways to do this and I will cover those ways in this article. Let’s start with some basic spacing principles of hanging pictures above a couch. Spacing here is very important.

Let’s say you will hang three pictures. When hanging them, keep the distance from the couch at about 8-10 inches. Leave a gap of 2-5 inches between the frames. Finally, and most importantly, make sure the pictures take at least 2/3 of the couch length. You don’t have to follow it to the point, but you will do well if you follow it at least roughly.

Moving on, you can add shelves besides the pictures, keeping the same principles as above.

A mirror is not often used to decorate the space but it can help to distribute the light better.



Don’t be afraid to use wall decorations such as big letters.

If you’re going to use a single painting, makes sure it’s big enough.

Breaking the rules by placing a cabinet between the wall and couch. Don’t be afraid to break the rules to experiment.

Wall art, shelf and pictures combined.

Space above the couch can be used for light fixtures as well.

If the space behind a couch is used for storage, make sure you decorate the shelves too.

Doing something interesting with the space by up-cycling old shutters.

Again, it doesn’t have to be pictures, abstract art works too.

Smart use of lighting to highlight the space and its decor.

If you have something to show off, use this space to do it.

A bookshelf provides a great background for the couch, just make sure you don’t leave the shelves empty.

Same principles apply to the corner space too.

Mixing several ideas into one interesting combination.