10 Must-know Ways How to Keep Your Bedroom Clean

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Struggling to keep your bedroom clean? We all have busy days when there’s no time to tidy up. These 10 must-know ways will help you keep your bedroom clean.

Each day usually comes with its challenges. More often than not, after a very long day at the office, the number one place I wish you could be in my bedroom. For me, it is a sanctuary of some sort from the noise and stress of the outside world. But as beautiful as the prospect of jumping underneath my bed cover may be, it sometimes becomes a worry especially when I know I left behind an untidy and cluttered room. There have been times in my life when I haven’t exactly left behind a tidy house. 

The fact is that an untidy bedroom can have a rather adverse effect on the state of your mind. But as time went on, I have learned a few vital tips that have helped me keep my bedroom clean. This has in no small measure helped me maintain the sanctity associated with bedrooms. Here are ten tips that I believe should help you out in no small measure:

What's Inside?

Use Storage Containers As a Bedroom Organizer

storage boxes
Source: totebox.co.uk

My house isn’t all that large and this means I have to make the most of every space I can find. These sometimes mean having to load my bedroom with lots of irrelevant stuff. One of those days, I purchased under-bed storage where I kept most of the clothes I do not wear daily. The point here is that if there is any need for you to keep items in your bedroom, ensure that you buy the needed storage container for the closet storage or bed.

Limit Bedroom Storage

bedroom with low storage

One common thing that I have observed in several homes is that they are often loaded with cartons, storage boxes and lots of junk. From my experience, such rooms are always not desirable to sleep in. An ideal bedroom shouldn’t be a storage facility where you keep everything but it should instead be a sanctuary.  If your room is a storage facility of some sort, it will always be cluttered and untidy. It is therefore imperative that you take out some time and remove the clutter in your bedroom and transfer them somewhere else. Whatever you do, ensure that you keep the room clean at all times.

Keep Your Bed Tidy

storage bed

I once heard a notable personality say that the first step to greatness is rooted in making your bed every day. This is however subject to debate. But one thing that can’t be debated is that making your bed and keeping it tidy is one vital aspect of keeping your bedroom clean always. The good thing about making your bed is that it usually does not take up to three minutes to execute. Make sure that making your bed is one of your daily routines and you will be grateful you did.

Stay Organized

vintage nightstand

Ensure that nightstands and dressers are free from clutter.

It is important to state that furniture surfaces should not be storage areas. Nightstand and bureau tops should not be cluttered. Ensure that only important things are kept on the nightstand. For instance, my nightstand only holds a few books, a lamp, and tablets. On the other hand, my dresser only carries my wristwatch and body lotion.

By keeping only a limited number of things on your furniture tops ensure that it is easy to clean them. Also, make sure you cultivate the habit of cleaning up at least once in a week.

Store Shoes Away

One habit I struggled with for a while was the habit of throwing my shoes wherever my legs face when I get home. I had to train myself to stop flinging my shoes and leaving them there for days. I have come to realize that keeping your shoes off the ground is one way to ensure that vacuum cleaning is easier. Keeping your shoes from the ground is one task that shouldn’t take more than a few seconds and should suffice to make your room look organized. There are many storage solutions you could employ to keep your shoes properly organized at all times.

Organize Your Clothes

decor and clothes

I know we all have been guilty of this at one point or the other and it may be difficult to blame anyone for this. You should know that one thing that makes a room untidy is keeping clothes on the ground. No matter how nonchalant you may be, the sight of clothes cluttered on the floor should make you feel uneasy. Stop flinging clothes on the floor! It does not take much from you to put clothes in a hamper. Putting your clothes in a hamper would certainly help make your room look better.  

Organize the Closet

clothing storage
Closet storage ideas / GoodHousekeeing.com

Many homes have clothes that get piled so high that you could see the North-pole from it (just kidding). It is so not cool mounting clean laundry on every space in the room as it makes the room look uncluttered and messy. Putting your laundry away is one sure way of making your room look as tidy as possible.

Employ Good Habits (No Eating in Your Room!)

bed bugs
Bed bugs and bug defoggers / MyHomeMyGlobe.com

One rather nasty habit I am still battling with is the habit of eating anywhere I find myself. It’s not uncommon for you to want to grab a bowl of popcorn or ice cream to watch your favorite show on television in your bedroom. When you eat on your bed, chances are high that you will spill things on it and thus attract a lot of things such as ants and bugs in your bedroom. If you are however exposed to the dangers of bed bugs, you may need to get one of the best bed bug foggers around.

Have a Waste Bin Close

recycle bin

No matter how clean and careful we are, there is always the possibility of taking one junk item or the other along with us into the bedroom. This is why waste bins are quite important in your bedroom. Ensure that you regularly take out the junk so that they don’t stay too long in the room.

Get an Air Freshener

How to make your bedroom smell good / TheSpruce.com

I love it when my room smells clean and fresh. It doesn’t cost much to keep your room smelling clean, fresh and homely. There are quite several brands and fragrances out there. Just make your choice and make your bedroom more desirable.

I must point out that I didn’t get to this point of cleanliness in my bedroom in a day. It took time and consistency to make them a habit. Hence, I advise that you do not put yourself under pressure even as you begin gradually implementing these tips.

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