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Small kitchens offer the perfect canvas for Scandinavian design. Applying its general aesthetic rules on tiny spaces regarding colors, form and function can lead to fabulous results.


A small Scandinavian kitchen will make use of color to visually expand the space. White is able to bounce off light more effectively than darker hues which creates the illusion of a larger room. Most designers will recommend having it as the dominant color on all the surfaces including the walls, floor, ceiling and cabinets. Splashes of red, blue and other tints can be added through the décor. The counters and splashbacks also provide opportunities to add some personality into the kitchen.


There must be clean lines all around. Ornate carvings other types of elaborate design elements do not fit into the Scandinavian code. Surfaces are generally plain and smooth. However, the overall look is not boring by any means. There is always that understated elegance to every piece of furniture and every architectural element. There is so much to fit inside a small kitchen that the focus should be on optimizing the existing space through minimalist forms from the counters to the dining table.


The kitchen must be a fully functional and livable space. The strong emphasis efficient form must be balanced with the logical function of the item. It should be a joy to be in this room every single day to prepare meals for the family. All of the important cooking tools must be within easy reach. The furniture has to be comfortable with the right contours and dimensions. The cabinets and shelves must have ample space and organizational provisions.

If your house only has a tiny space for meal preparations, then it makes sense to design it like a small Scandinavian kitchen to maximize every inch.