How to Create a Calming Bedroom Space for Your Toddler

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Moving your little one from their crib into a toddler bed is a huge adjustment for everyone involved! With their newfound freedom, your toddler could have trouble falling asleep at night or might wake repeatedly during the night so that they can wander around the house. 

As you transition them into their new bed, you’re going to want to make their room as calming as possible. A soothing room is also beneficial during waking hours. Next time your toddler starts up with a case of the terrible twos, you can send them to their room where they can safely stay until they calm down. 

What's Inside?

Choose Light Colors

Your first instinct might be to paint the room a bold color that reflects your child’s interests. After all, what would a Peppa Pig themed room be without bright pink walls?

While bright colors or bold colors might be fun to look at, they can also overstimulate your child when your child is surrounded by them. 

Instead, choose lighter colors, such as a pale blue or pale lavender. You could also go with a neutral shade, such as a cream or beige. Lighter and neutral shades are more calming than bold shades. 

Provide Cuddly Items

Many children (and adults) find soft and cuddly objects comforting. Chances are, your child has already has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. But just because they already have a favorite doesn’t mean you can’t add more. 

Give your child items that they can snuggle into when they’re trying to self-soothe, such as a large stuffed animal or a bean bag chair

Alternatively, you could make their bed as cozy as possible. Sherpa blankets paired with these best-rated toddler down comforters create a comfortable spot for your toddler. Add pillows and stuffed animals and they’ll have the perfect place for a nap! 

Limit the Toys

A good toy will promote your child’s imagination and develop their cognitive skills. Too many toys, however, will overwhelm your child and prevent them from settling down. 

If your toddler’s room is full of toys, they’re going to be tempted to play instead of sleeping or relaxing. Keeping toys in another room can help them associate their room as a place to relax, not as a place to play. 

If you need to keep toys in your child’s room, invest in storage that allows the toys to be kept out of sight. 

Natural Sunlight is Best 

A natural light-filled room is great for boosting moods. If your toddler spends time playing in their room during the day, get rid of those fluorescent lights and open up those curtains! 

Not only does natural light boost your child’s mood, but it can also help keep their circadian regulated. Your toddler will develop a more natural sleep pattern, making it easier for them to sleep at night. 

Make your child’s primary play area right in front of a window. That way, when they’re playing, they’ll be directly exposed to that wonderful natural light. 

Create a Cozy Corner

A corner that is completely cut off from the rest of their room is a great place for a toddler to retreat to when they’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Toddler-size tents are an easy way to create a cozy corner. Simply place the tent in the corner of the room, fill it with pillows or stuffed animals, and give your child some privacy. 

This corner is also a good place to keep a toddler table and chairs or a bookshelf filled with board books. Your toddler can pick their favorite book, go into their tent, relax, and take a break from the world. 

Find Soothing Items

Finally, there are certain sensory seeking items that can aid in self-soothing. Sound machines and soothing lights are a great way to help toddlers settle down. 

Some families prefer to use a white-noise machine. These machines create comforting noises that help drown out background noises. Other families prefer to use toys or devices that play comforting lullabies. 

Warm-toned lights aren’t just calming. They can also help with your toddler’s fear of the dark! There are several ways to create ambiance lighting. There are gadgets that will project stars on your child’s ceilings, cuddly toys that have light-up bellies, or soft nightlights that change colors. You can also add some magic by creating your own DIY fairy light

Creating a soothing room for your toddler doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor! Many parents try to create a themed room based upon their child’s favorite cartoon, but often these rooms are too overstimulating. Instead, focus on filling the room with soothing colors and comforting objects. 

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