How to Choose the Best Glass Type for Shower Doors

Last updated on April 3, 2020

The use of glass in interior design and architecture is at its peak. From the regular clear glass, different types of glasses have come to existence and are being used to satisfy the various market demands.

The use of glass has extended to different parts of the house, according to the usage and demand of glass interior, even more, chic to incorporate bits of the glass in the various designs in the house.

Bathroom shower doors are an example of such places where glass is used in the house. This is considered a modern style of design and is highly fancied because of the simple, clean, sophisticated and stylish finish it adds the bathroom interior.

However, with the many types of glass, you might not be able to point out what exactly you want for your bathroom for your first time. Therefore, below are tips that you should use in choosing the best durable glass types for your shower door.

What's Inside?

Use Your Budget to Determine the Kind of Glass You Can Afford

Glass can be relatively expensive depending on the type of glass that you would want to use in your shower door. Therefore, make sure you check on your balance before you go out to purchase. Clear glass is considered to be the cheapest because it does not entail a lot of modification. Frosted glass also falls in the same category as clear glass, but it is slightly expensive because the process of sandblasting that renders it translucent.

Tinted, hammered and rain glasses are more expensive considering their unique futures. As much as we cannot control your finances, we would advise you to find the expensive glasses because of the unique features they would add to your bathroom. You should consider investing ones to avoid glass replacement in the future. Therefore, consider buying the expensive glass and avoid extra expenses later on. Aren’t you tired of the overly basic interior? It’s time to spice up your bathroom, go ahead and buy something that stands out.   

Know The Different Types Of Door Styles

Since you are about to choose the glass to be used in shower doors, at least make a point to know the different types of shower doors that can be used with the different glasses.

The different types of doors include:

Framed shower doors

This is fitted with metallic frames and is bound to support thinner glass panel. Its metallic frame is mostly painted to match the interior décor  

Frameless shower doors

Their sleek look makes them desirable by many. The lack of frames makes them the best doors because it facilitates easy cleaning by not allowing soap scum to accumulate at its edges. They are used for modern designs because of their simple, stylish and classic finish. Since they are frameless, you will need a thick glass that has a higher shutter resistance. An excellent example of such a glass is tempered glass.

Sliding shower doors

This is a sophisticated door design that uses frameless glass panels attached to the walls of the bathroom and can slide open in both directions. Just like frameless shower doors, they require robust and durable glass shower doors. However, they are mostly used in small bathrooms because they occupy less space.

Swinging or pivoting shower doors

This is basically like the regular door which has hinges at the places where they are attached to the bathroom wall. They can be fully framed or semi-framed depending on your taste and preference.

Rounded shower glass door

Just like the sliding shower doors, rounded shower doors are best for small living spaces because they are meant for corner bathroom enclosures.

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Privacy in the Bathroom is Essential

Bathrooms are highly private spaces for families and non-couples; therefore that should be the first thing to consider if you are either of the above. However, for couples who live together it okay to use clear glass on your shower door because there would be no reason to feel embarrassed.

In cases where families are involved, it would be appropriate to use either frosted, tinted, hammered or rain glasses. You should, however, note that for this glass to maximize their potential you are supposed to ensure that the bathroom interior décor matches with them. For instance, in the case of tinted glass, its color would purely depend on the color of the walls of the bathroom. The colors should be at least contemporary or contrasting colors. You can easily make the clean glass the frosted texture by merely adding a window film on the ordinary glass.

Select the Right Glass Type for Your Needs

After the great understanding of the best shower door, you are now up for the task of understanding the different types of glasses; they include Tinted, hammered, clear, frosted, tempered and rainy glasses.

Clear glasses just as the name suggests it is pure plain glass with no delays whatsoever. It can be easily used alongside the framed glass door because of its delicate nature, it is, however, the cheapest of the three glasses.

The frosted glass comes highly recommended for persons would like to keep their bathroom business to themselves.

Choose the Appropriate Finish for Your Door

Glass shower doors finishing mostly depend on your taste and preference. The consideration of the bathroom interior décor is as important as the owner’s opinion because as an interior designer you are supposed to help the client see past his vision. At the end choose the appropriate finish so that you can have the best design.

Accurately Measure the Glass Shower Door

Make sure to get the correct measurements for the glass shower door before you order for them. Inaccurate measurements will translate to immediate glass replacement because the shower door did not fit in the frame.

Style of the Bathroom

The bathroom has different styles that are determined by the interior design. So before purchasing the glass, consider if the interior will match the glass type that you are about to choose. Modern Bathroom designs would probably go with the clear glass shower doors because if it’s a simple, sophisticated finish. Tinted glass is, however, in its best element when surrounded with dark colored interior.

Cleaning and Finishing

One of the reasons as to why glass is used in the bathroom is because it is naturally easy to clean. However, depending on how the different glasses are made they can easily retain or hide dirt. The clear glass is known for its easy cleaning procedure which typically entails using the available cleaning agent and just wiping down the dirt. Frosted glass is known for its capability of hiding fingerprints using its design.

The different glasses have different finishing styles. Therefore, it mostly depends on you to determine what sort of finish would best fit your style. A person’s choice is the best because it ensures that there are a few glass replacements at the end of the day.

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