How to Adopt the Country Chic Style at Home Right Away (7 Steps)

Last updated on October 12, 2023

Here are the seven steps you can follow to adopt the country chic style in your home right away. Read on to begin!

Quiet and calm – these are the two fundamental elements of the country style, the style that always manages to delight with its extremely interesting, playful and historical aspects.

If you’ve watched an American movie filmed before 2000 at least once, chances are you’ve seen the country style in the homes the main characters owned. Of course, in those times, not everyone had such items of furniture or colors in their own home, but the style was quite popular for that period.

However, the country style is quite predominant nowadays, managing to make many want to wake up with it every morning. That being said, if you’re in the process of renovating your home and choosing a style that fits your taste, we definitely advise you to take a look at this simple yet authentic style. And if you don’t know where exactly to start from, find out how to adopt the country chic style right away!


country chic dining area nyfurniture

For country-style decor, mostly wooden furniture is preferred. Picked up from your relatives’ attic, unearthed in the darkest corner of a flea market, or acquired from an outlet store like, wood will give your interior a natural touch. Wardrobe, dressers, wooden consoles – all these items are a must for that rustic charm you want in all of your rooms.

The Colors

country chic colors

A successful countryside decor rhymes with soft, pastel colors. Beige, cream, ecru white, and gray will give a friendly atmosphere to your interior. The softness of these colors will blend harmoniously with the wooden materials for a peaceful and warm atmosphere.


vintage basket

Accessories reminiscent of nature blend perfectly with country style. Baskets, straw hats and flowers should be present in such a home. Bouquets of fresh flowers like tulips, peonies and lilacs will also support the general charming country touch. Reclaimed, vintage decoration is also a must for this style – clocks, crates or mirrors are all to be present in the decor.


linen tablecloth

Linen is the material always present in the spotlight. The small curtains and the breeze at the windows are just indispensable in such a home! Cotton is also a desirable material. The color code remains the same – it is intended to be clear and natural like beige, off-white and gray. Nevertheless, floral motifs will also perfectly fit into the decor as long as they are added by little touch for a natural atmosphere.

Other Items

rustic bathroom sink

Except for the natural materials, other objects inspired by nature should also be present, like baskets, glass or metal vases, untreated wooden branches, decanters, chiné glasses to make a pretty table and so on. Candlesticks and candles also make their show, especially in the evening. They light up the house while also decorating it.

The Light

country chic chandelier

Lighting and fixtures actively participate in creating a warm and natural atmosphere. For a final country style touch, dare to acquire some paper or wooden chandeliers and suspensions of all kinds!

But what about setting up a specific room in a country style? Cause maybe you don’t want your entire home looking this way, but desire to be delighted by a small country touch when you enter that place.

Country Kitchen

country chic kitchen

Timeless and friendly, know that the best room for a country style decoration is the kitchen, where one can use the largest amount of specific elements to make it look authentic and stylish. 

A country kitchen has established itself as a great classic with its special charm. Marble, stone, wood, this unusual look relies on natural materials that evoke a hint of nostalgia in all of us, reminding us of grandma’s pies and sweet juice on a summer morning.

Here are some more tips on arranging your dining space and kitchen so it looks just like your grandma’s house from your early childhood!

  • Antique objects add charm to the kitchen for a 100% country style. Wooden chairs, metal pitchers, demijohn, rattan light fixtures are welcomed here!
  • For a country kitchen, light and neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray are also preferable. They bring light to the room as well as a touch of character when paired with wood.
  • To accentuate the country spirit, there’s nothing better than flowers! They can be placed in a wicker basket, in old vases, or even hung on the wall, above the dining space, for a poetic welcoming of guests or family members!
  • When talking about furniture, bet on pieces with an antique spirit! Counter, glass cabinet, large table, wooden chair and to complete the whole look, a dresser. But don’t worry, all of this in the same kitchen will not make it look crowded at all! On the contrary, this is exactly how a comfortable country-style kitchen looks like – with lots of furniture to fit all the cooking utensils of old times.

Remember that, if other styles focus on more colorful and interesting lights, the country style is characterized by decorative plates made of ceramic and simple colors. With these elements in mind, any room in your home will look very harmonious and fresh.

Additionally, if you plan to introduce the country style in your home as soon as possible, remember that it is your first time. Be sure not everything will go well from the beginning, but, towards the end, the most important detail is that  relaxation is all that matters in your home. 

That being said, what are you waiting for?


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