How the Choice of a Door Can Help You Have Better Soundproofing

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Loud noises from both inside and outside the house are always problematic and cause a disturbance to the comfort of your daily life. No matter how much you beautify your home and how much money you spent on decorating it, all will be in vain if it still is unable to give you comfort.

There are many ways to soundproof houses with, like the use of acoustic drapes, using a sound-absorbing paint, replacing your old hollow doors with solid doors, installing door sweeps, using foam tiles that absorbs sound and many other options.

You can also reinforce the paneling in your doors to provide you with the necessary soundproofing.

What's Inside?

Avoid Hollow Doors

Open doors are one of the significant reasons aiding the movement of sound around the house. Doors that are hollow from the inside, no matter how cheap, are not the right choice if you want to get rid of unwanted noises.

You can also add different reinforced paneled layers to your doors without compromising on the look and design of your door to have that soundproofing you need. Soundproofing your doors is the best way to go.

1930s Doors

1930s doors are one of the best choices, along with many other traditional doors. Companies now offer soundproofed doors either using sturdy material or durable panels.

The simplicity of the paneled doors, especially mimicking the era of the 1930s with the added noise reduction quality makes it all the trendier and extremely useful. There is no bad choice when it comes to this if you are willing to spend a little more.

Use of Solid Doors

One of the best options to reduce noise pollution is to use solid interior doors. Many people tend to gravitate towards the hollow doors because they are usually cheap, and they think it’s easier to customize these kinds of doors. These doors are also lightweight. This all adds up to the fact that it is not soundproofed at all.

Replacing your hollow doors with solid doors can significantly reduce the sound level. There are two types of ways you can ‘solidify’ your doors.

The first way is to get solid interior doors that are filled with dense particle board or are drywall filled. They get significantly heavier, but they are great in noise cancellation.

The second way of using solid doors is to get them filled with foam. Foam is a perfect soundproofing substance because it absorbs the unnecessary sound.

Reinforcing Your Paneled Doors

The reason why sound can travel around the house is because of less dense doors and walls. So if you can add some weight and density to your doors, by adding and reinforcing another material on your paneled doors, you can reduce the sound factor significantly.

Again 1930s doors are great in this aspect because of their paneled designs which you can customize in whatever way you want. MDF wood is the best material to use, and you can get it in any size, shape, and design you want.

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