How Pier and Beam Foundations Can Help Your Property 

Last updated on November 22, 2022

Here’s how using a pier and beam foundation in building a new home can benefit you. Read on!

For those unfamiliar with pier and beam foundations, they’re something that has been used for many decades now. They have many benefits that are a lot more efficient than some of the older foundation styles used.

With pier and beam foundations, there can be problems that occur but a lot of these can easily be avoided.

How do pier and beam foundations benefit your property? For those looking to make improvements to their foundations, here are some of its benefits.

What Are Pier and Beam Foundations?

pier and beam house

A pier and beam foundation allows homeowners to have a larger crawl space within the foundation. For those homes that are looking to be upgraded, pier and beam foundations are useful to install.

When it comes to pier and beam foundations, new properties can benefit by installing them as they’re building the property from scratch.

How Pier and Beam Foundations Benefit Your Home

pier and beam construction

How do pier and beam foundations benefit the home? Just like other foundation options, there are great benefits to using this option for your property.

Improves Space for Plumbing and Electrical Work

With pier and beam foundations, it can help provide enough room underneath the house for plumbing and electrical work. There’s nothing better for plumbers and electricians when they see pier and beam foundations in place.

It often means the problem can be fixed without having to do a lot of damage to the home in order to get to the faulty or damaged area.

Protection from Flooding

Flooding inside the home is something that’s less likely to happen due to the structure being off the ground. This is great for those who live in areas that are more prone to flooding and therefore would benefit from this as a result.

Not only that but flooding can be prevented by having your central heating fitted underneath the home. This separates the floors from the water contained in this system.

Cheaper Repair Costs

With pier and beam foundations, the cost to repair these foundations is a lot more affordable. This may be important to some households who may not be able to afford the repair costs that come with some foundation types.

Useful for Those Properties Sitting on Uneven Land

Where uneven land seems to be a problem, pier and beam foundations can prove useful. Without needing to dig up and landscape the entire land itself, the addition of these foundations can help to create more flexibility with the challenges that come from uneven land.

Improved Mobility

With homeowners that may want to look at moving their home, pier and beam foundations give the opportunity of moving the house. By elevating the home off the ground, it can allow for easier mobility.

According to Pinnacle Foundation Repair, it’s a cost-effective way of adding height to a property, and many modern builds are now embracing this foundation type more so. It’s definitely a good option if it benefits the homeowner to do so.


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