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You may not realize it but weather conditions can have a significant impact on how likely it is that insect infestations will occur and how easy they are to deal with. If the weather is warm, insects are more inclined to thrive, especially if there is a high level of humidity. Pests such as termites thrive in these conditions, so it’s important to have your home inspected regularly if you live in an area which has this type of weather.

A pest control company can carry out the inspection and identify any pests which may be present. Pest control experts can also provide you with advice if you are worried about the effect that weather conditions where you live may have on insect pests.

Insects in Cold Weather Conditions

Most summer insects do not like cold weather. They are cold-blooded creatures so their internal temperature cannot adapt. If the weather is severely cold, it’s possible that insects will enter a dormant phase. Some insects will also die in this type of weather.

Even some species of cockroach, an insect known for its resilience, struggle in cold weather. Species like the Oriental cockroach can survive outdoors when it’s freezing but most of these creatures tend to head indoors when the temperature drops. This can be a problem if you are suddenly faced with an invasion of cockroaches in your home. These pests spread disease, so you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The good thing about cold weather is that it does tend to stop insects from reproducing, so infestations can often become less regular, and less large when the weather is cold.

Insects in Mild Weather Conditions

Many states in the US are known for having a mild climate. This is good news if you want to spend time relaxing in your yard. However, you may find that you are disturbed by insect invaders. Insects can reproduce more easily when the weather is warm. They also mature faster and move over long distances. All of this means that infestations are more common when the weather is warm, especially when there are high levels of moisture.

Having said that, you may get some help from the natural predators of insects. If it’s warm for the insects, it’s also warm for their enemies, such as birds and reptiles. They thrive in good weather and they need to eat, which is why they snack on insects, helping to reduce numbers. It’s funny the way that Mother Nature provides her own form of pest control.

However, you should still ask an exterminator to inspect your property for pests at least once every two years. These inspections should be carried out more often in areas where there are high levels of infestation.

Insect infestations are more likely in warm weather, for the reasons we have mentioned. However, you still need to be on the lookout for insects such as cockroaches when the weather is cold. They may enter your home to get warm.