Home Improvement Projects to Not Do Yourself

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We’re forever fixing something or the other around our house. It’s a constant work in progress that demands quite a lot of labor and attention. While there are several reasons you would want to take up certain home improvement projects yourself, a few things should truly be left to the professionals.

Attempting to save some money and picking the hammer and drill machine yourself may seem like a good idea at first, but more often than not, it can lead to injuries, hazards, and your home looking rough and unfinished. While you can handle some of the minor work yourself, read on to find out about certain home improvement DIY projects that you should stay away from.

What's Inside?

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

hardwood floor

Refinishing your hardwood floor can seem like a simple task, but if you want a smooth floor, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Sanding machines are tough to operate, and if not done right, you will be left with a floor that’s bumpy, blotchy, and full of sand marks.

Sanders are heavy, and only those who use them on a daily basis know how to place the drum on the floor in a manner that’s steady and doesn’t set it off to create a hole in the wall. The pros have tools that prevents the process from making a complete mess around the house.

If you don’t want little wood splinters to prick your feet for weeks, you should definitely hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors.

Electrical Work

home wires

Doing electrical work requires a lot of knowledge. Licensed and insured electricians spend years learning about electricity and implementing safe ways to deal with it. When amateurs try to get electrical work done themselves, the potential hazards can be truly catastrophic.

It is important you don’t put yourself at risk when carrying out electrical work. It makes the situation unsafe not just for you, but also for those around you. Since the human body is mostly made of water, it makes a great conductor for electricity, thereby increasing the chances of you receiving an electric shock.

Further, it can cause damage to your property. Exposed wires can lead to short circuits, and wires melting together can start house fires. Unstable wiring systems and improper connections cause numerous fires every year.

Lastly, insurance companies do not provide coverage for electric damage if they find out that the work wasn’t performed by professionals. Licensed electricians know all about the codes applicable to handling electrical currents, as these are regularly updated by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Repairing Your Roof

roof repair

If you think that you should repair your roof yourself, think again. For example, you notice that a tile on your roof is missing, and you decide to place a new one. When doing so, the weight and pressure you unknowingly put on the other tiles can cause them to shatter. Additionally, placing the new tile improperly can result in the surrounding tiles coming loose and subsequently falling off the next time a heavy gust of wind blows through them.

When the tile isn’t placed in a way that makes the roof water-tight, it can leak and cause extra damage to the roof structure. The required replacement materials won’t be guaranteed by the roofing material manufacturers if they discover that the work wasn’t done by a seasoned roofing contractor.

Cleaning Your HVAC Air Ducts

air duct

Cleaning the air ducts is an essential part of keeping your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system running smoothly. Not getting this done by professionals can leave pollutants behind and even lower the quality of the air inside your home.

Chimcare Portland, for example, has experts who know exactly how to clean your ducts without damaging their insulation. Gaps in air ducts can cause air to escape, thereby wasting energy and doubling your utility bills. By taking the clean-up job upon yourself, you may not be able toc lean the ductwork thoroughly. This can lead to mold and other contaminants spreading throughout the house, which can further give rise to respiratory and other health problems. Also, if the pests inside your ductwork aren’t removed, it can aggravate asthma, allergies, and the like.

The reason it’s best to leave this job to the professionals is because they use high-powered vacuums that trap pollutants and employ cameras that can peep inside the ducts to make sure they are clean.

Plumbing Problems

home plumbing

Your plumbing system forms a vital part of your home. It’s responsible for supplying clean water to your house and disposing of dirty water safely. Plumbing codes exist so that everything stays in place and your house is saved from the woes of plumbing gone wrong. Doing your plumbing yourself can involuntarily lead to you breaking the plumbing codes and fetching yourself city fines. Your drains can malfunction from improper venting, causing backflow issues and water contamination.

The reasons why pipes and valves exist in different types and sizes are plenty. Every pipe reacts differently when it comes in contact with water and other substances. If the valves and connections are not placed correctly, not only will you encounter issues with water pressure, but it can also cause the pipes to burst or get clogged. Leaks and corrosions can be avoided in such cases only if you take the help of expert plumbers.


tiles kitchen

Contrary to common notion, tiling isn’t just about dropping a few square pieces on your floor. You need to measure the tiles and cut them accordingly. If you get the spacer wrong or mix the grout incorrectly, your tiles will be exposed to the risk of cracks.

In case this happens, it can lead to water damage; not to forget the fact that the warranty won’t be of any use once those in authority find out that you did the tiling yourself.

Removing Load-Bearing Walls

wall renovation

The decision to remove a load-bearing wall should be taken only after consulting professionals. They will first take a look at the wall to identify if it’s load-bearing or not, tell you whether it should be removed or retained, and how its removal will affect your home’s overall structure.

Obtaining the permit to remove a load-bearing wall is a tedious task that professionals can handle better. You will also have to place a temporary support near the current wall while you demolish it. Determining the position of this temporary support requires the expertise of someone experienced.

Attempting to remove a load-bearing wall yourself can lead to subsequent damage to plumping pipes, HVAC ducts, electrical components, or any other elements hidden behind your wall. An expert will know just how to bring it down without damaging anything else in the process.


Taking the responsibility to renovate/repair things around your home can be a fun idea initially, but if you don’t possess sufficient knowledge of what you’re doing, it can end up being disastrous. Chances are, you will end up spending more than you had imagined, even though your aim was to do the exact opposite. While small tasks like changing the light bulb or painting your door are manageable DIY jobs, certain home improvement projects, like the ones mentioned above, should definitely be left to the professionals.