Gravita the Levitating Lamp Leads 2021 Lighting Trends

Last updated on October 13, 2023

If you want to keep up with the latest lighting trends, and boost your good vibes at home, read on for our top lighting trends of 2021.

2020 will always be remembered as a year that drastically changed the way we think about home decorating.

With many of us locked inside for most of the year, home design has taken on a new meaning. 

We are using our homes for a lot more than just sleeping and eating, and we’re relying on our homes to support our emotional wellbeing more than ever before.

gravita light bedroom

Lighting probably has the biggest effect on our emotional state at home. That means we’re going to see big changes in how people light their homes in 2021. 

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, or if you just want to understand how your lighting can boost your good vibes at home, read on for our top lighting trends of 2021.

Color Temperature

gravita color temperature

Color temperature in lighting is a measurement of the “warmth” or “chill” of a lighting tone. It is believed that certain color temperatures can affect our moods and even change the way we perceive temperature.

It’s not so hard to believe, is it? Think of how you feel in a waiting room, bathed in fluorescent light, compared to a candle-lit cottage. The “feel” is a lot different, and most of that comes from the lighting. 

In 2021, homeowners will be eager to play with color temperature to affect their moods in various rooms in their homes:

  • Warm lighting will be popular in bathrooms. The time we spend in the bathroom will be like a little, relaxing escape from the rest of the house. 
  • Living rooms and bedrooms will likely be bathed in natural light to mimic the outdoors we all miss so much in 2020. 
  • For the kitchen or dining room, yellow tints will keep the conversation lively and stimulate the appetite. 


gravita levitation lamp

The most futuristic trend coming in 2021 is levitating lighting. These lights are fixture-free and simply hang in mid-air below (or above) a magnetic base. 

There are many benefits to levitating light. Just a few include:

  • No fixtures!: Zero light fixtures for a sleek, minimalist look that’s safer and much more practical to use.
  • Easy to change bulbs: Your levitating bulb is powered by wireless electricity. To change bulbs, just grab one from the air and set another in its place.
  • Alternate your lighting: Switch between color temperatures and intensities in seconds. 
  • Save big on bills: Levitating LED bulbs consume 80% less energy than standard bulbs.
  • 20+ years per bulb: Use the same bulb for decades and reduce your carbon footprint.  
  • Looks fantastic: Real levitation at home.

Our favorite levitating light is called Gravita. Gravita has all of the above features of levitating lighting plus a lot more.

Gravita isn’t just a lamp. It’s also a wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker. You can wirelessly pair it to any device to listing to music. And, you can set your phone or tablet on its base to charge without wires. 

It makes a perfect lamp for desks and bedside tables. It also helps to reduce clutter by packing so many features into one package.

Gravita was also made with color temperature theory. The Edison bulb, included with purchase, measures 1700K, which is in the “warm” spectrum of light. This color temperature is ideal for reducing stress and boosting focus. 

Gravita is touching down in 2021, but if you pre-order now, you can get yours by Christmas. Oh, and you’ll get 50% off! Pre-order now to get the future of lighting and color temperature tech for your home or office. 

Natural Light

gravita natural light

As we mentioned before, natural light is going to be huge in 2021. Natural light has always been popular in homes, but people have never appreciated it as much as they do after a year locked up inside.

Get ready for a war on shades and a big boom in sheer curtains. For those who can afford it, skylights and picture windows will be among the top home renos. 

Those with apartments and homes with few windows will likely invest in lamps that mimic natural light—anything to get the feel of sunshine indoors!

If you’re trying to add a bit more light to your home, you can always hack your lighting by adding mirrors near windows or repainting your home in lighter, more reflective colors. 

Art + Light

gravita light art

Functional art is big with Millennials, who love unique ceramics, couch cushions, and furniture. As this generation becomes more affluent, they’ll invest in handmade and artistic light pieces.

We’ve seen some of this already, with hand-blown glass pendants and carved wooden fixtures. 

In 2021, we’ll see more of this chic home lighting in the vintage, rustic, and modern vein. Expect dark metals in topsy-turvy twists, stone lamp fixtures, and all sorts of colorful pendants and chandeliers. 

With 3D printing more accessible than ever, commissioning your own unique lighting will be quick and cheap. Give it a try and see what your lighting says about you!

A Bright Start to 2021

gravita bulbs

You might not have thought much about updating your lighting in 2021, but now is a better time than ever. We could all use a little change after this long, long year, and a little lighting face-lift is an affordable way to do that. With just a few changes, you could make a huge difference in the mood of your space. 

Whether you play with color temperature or look for some unique light fixtures to bring more personality to your space, you’ll be sure to head into 2021 with a brighter disposition. 

The easiest way to light up your holidays is to pre-order Gravita for 50% off. Gravita’s elegant minimalist design, levitation tech, and color temperature lighting embody all the trends of 2021.


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