Every girl needs a girls room. A girl’s room is the perfect place for a growing girl to destress, unwind, play, have fun and most importantly make herself pretty. Of course, not any girls room will do. It is important that the décor and ambiance be just right. The choice of furniture, layout, colors and accents ought to match the personality of the girl. That is, girls rooms are best when they are tailor made to the user(s). Here are some considerations to help inspire your decorating ideas.


While there are generally acceptable colors that tends to work in little girls rooms (such as purple, pink, green and yellow), it is important to consider the age of the girl who will be occupying that space. It will help you determine which color may be best suited, as many girls already have favorite colors, or an idea of colors they would like in their rooms.


The size of the furniture, type and even color will all matter when decorating a girls room. Furniture often times forms part of the accents that will help tie everything (the look you envisioned) together. Other things to consider regarding furniture, is durability and care. Consider whether or not the vanity you are thinking of for example is strong enough to last a few years, and whether you will be able to easily clean crayon and scuff marks from the side depending on the age of the girl.


The design of the room is central to any decoration ideas. Favorite colors can be included by painting designs to the wall, or adding wallpaper in some sections and things of that sort. One can use a focus wall for some of the more special design features as well. It is important that whatever designs are used that it all comes together in a balanced way.

For the best results, ensure that you make a plan before you start. This plan will serve as a blueprint to keep you on track and to keep the end result looking cohesive and inviting as opposed to overpowering. Happy decorating!