Everything You Need to Know About Buying Shower Doors

Last updated on October 26, 2023

Considering installing shower doors? Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice. Read on!

Considered a better alternative to shower curtains, shower doors are a lasting and permanent solution that you will find easy to maintain and clean. In addition, shower doors are good at preventing water from leaking out onto the bathroom floor, and you can trust them to transform your bathroom’s look.

TOP TIP – When taking a shower door’s measurement, ensure this is done accurately, it will avoid a costly mistake. Having a clear idea of the amount of space you are working with will help you make a good choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to redesign your bathroom’s look or if you are trying to change it from scratch; the same principles will apply.

How to Choose a Shower Door

glass shower doors

Framed or Frameless?

Shopping for a shower door requires you to choose between a framed and frameless door for more design ideas you can have a look at all the amazing different varieties and styles before you make your choice. The framed shower doors are designed to have a solid brass, stainless steel, or aluminum surround materials used for their handles and hinges. The purpose behind the frame is for ensuring a smooth operation and adding stability. 

On the other hand, frameless doors have little or no frame attached to them. They are usually made of glass, but alternatives to glass doors exist.

Frameless shower doors represent the modern-day bathroom concept, and it is a new style compared to the framed shower door design. 

So many people think that frameless shower doors are easier to clean, and they do not have many of the crevices where soap can enter or get trapped in. There are lots of great tips for cleaning frameless shower doors here for those of you that like to keep your bathroom spotless.

Door Style

There are three types of shower doors;

  • Pivoting shower doors
  • Sliding shower doors
  • Hinged shower doors

The Pivoting Shower Door features two hinges located at the top and bottom of the door panel, and these hinges are responsible for the pivoting action of this shower door. It will take up about ¾ of the floor space when open.

The Sliding Shower Door is also known as a slider, which comes with two panels designed to bypass one another for a user to enter or exit the shower space. The sliding shower door will function effectively when positioned in an alcove. Often used for a larger shower, and good as it avoids taking up any additional floor space when opening the door.

Hinged Shower doors come with hinges that make them function like the regular bathroom doors we are all used to. You can find these hinges beside the door panel, and they make mounting the bathroom door to the wall convenient. They do not make use of an upper frame, so any door designed to have a frameless design will make use of these hinges. 

Shower Shape

Depending on the size of the room and the design you may want your shower to fit into an unusual area. Luckily shower trays and enclosures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are corner enclosures, rectangle enclosures, square enclosures, and alcove trays. So depending on your budget and floorplan size, you can pick the right one for your needs.

The Takeaway

Bathrooms are essential because people start and end their days in them. When choosing a shower door, opt for an option that will maximize the space you have, fits your design style, and is easy to clean.

Framed shower doors require constant cleaning as they are good at accumulating soap scum and residue, unlike frameless doors. Textured glass, on the other, is easier to clean compared to clear glass, while a treated glass will make cleaning very easy.

Whatever your personal style we are sure you will find something for you to ease away the daily stresses.


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