Top 3 Environmentally Friendly Home Appliances

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Home appliances are usually expensive, and no one really would want to purchase an appliance when another one is still up and running. However, it is essential to note that most of your home appliances, refrigerator, or washing machine, has an impact on the environment.

You need to start viewing replacing your home appliances with eco-friendly ones as your contribution to saving the environment, as opposed to a waste of money.

Purchasing eco-friendly home appliances online has several benefits. You get to use less energy, you save water, reduce the carbon footprint, and you might get lucky and purchase them at a lower price.

Here are some of the environmentally friendly appliances that you need in your home.

What's Inside?


Refrigerators or freezers are some of the essential home appliances that people can’t do without. If you still have your old refrigerator in your home, it is about time you replaced it. Why? You could save a lot of money on utility bills by doing that.

Old refrigerators are less energy efficient when compared to the new ones. They are usually poorly insulated, and the door seals can merely do the job of keeping the environment cold. Also, if you have a large family and a lot to stock in the refrigerators, you would instead go with a bigger one. The compressor of a smaller fridge has to work extra hard to keep the contents cold. Also, a refrigerator without an ice maker would be more eco-friendly than one that has it.

Horizontal Axis Washing Machine

Do you know what else is sucking up energy in your home? Your vertical axis, or top loading, washing machine consumes 400kwh every year; the horizontal axis machine only consumes 150kwh. That is a lot of energy to save. That’s only on the part of electricity. The most significant savings that you will make is in water consumption.

The vertical axis machines use two-thirds water more than their horizontal counterparts. As you may be aware, water bills can be a lump sum, why not save some of that money by replacing your inefficient washing machine? Also, if you have a dryer, you should consider air-drying your laundry in the warm months and using the machine only in the cold months. You will save a lot of energy too.


Everyone loves to take a good hot, warm, or cold shower after a busy day at work or hours at the gym. There is nothing more refreshing. Do you know what is even better? Getting to enjoy your shower without worrying about absurd water bills will get you a good bath.

You can replace your current showerhead with a switch out showerhead with a water sensor. It will significantly reduce the number of gallons you consume every minute.

 Purchasing energy-efficient home appliances may at first appear to be uneconomical. However, you should look at the benefits in the long run. Your utility bills will significantly reduce, and your contribution to conserving the environment will be significant.

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