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Modern kitchen designs have become really popular in recent times. These kitchens have a distinct style and clear lines, which makes them a hot favorite of all homeowners. However, great care has to be taken while designing a modern kitchen. You need to include a range of important elements that go in the making of a contemporary kitchen. Some of the important aspects to include in a modern day kitchen are as follows.

Sleek cabinets

Cabinets occupy about 70 percent of the kitchen area. Select cabinets with the right style and design to give the cooking area a more modern look. Generally, contemporary cabinets are smooth, flat and have no complexity. They are mostly available in light tones such as stark grays and light oak.

Clean cabinet fixtures

Any contemporary kitchen features clean cabinet fixtures instead of complex ones. Such fixtures are usually sleek and straight. You should consider usability while buying cabinetry. Combine the elements of aesthetic appeal with functionality to make the most out of cabinet fixtures.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting lends a cool look to your cooking area. Replace old lights with pendant lights that hang low. In this way, you will be able to illuminate the heart of your home in an elegant manner.

High-end counter top materials

When it comes to counter-top materials, you have many durable choices. You may either choose granite-like stones or go for the most prominent slab granite. However, if you are looking for something exotic, consider concrete, stainless steel or even zinc.

Designing a contemporary kitchen can be a rewarding and pleasing experience. However, you have to give due consideration to various important elements of modern kitchen designs to ensure a cozy and elegant kitchen. Include the above-mentioned items in your contemporary kitchen, and you could have a unique and stylish kitchen within no time.