Your home is what you make of it, no matter if it is just a temporary solution or a permanent stopping point. You want it to be attractive, functional, and easy to live in. Most of all, you want to be proud of what you’ve done with the place – no matter what it looked like when you first started out.

Of course, that’s one of those journey of a thousand miles things, and you have to take the first bold single step. Here are a few ideas that can really jump start the thought processes. No matter if you are just starting out or are looking for some new and better ideas to make your place even better than it already is, here are 15 cute DIY home decor projects for renters. Like all really great home improvement ideas, they will work just as good for homeowners as well.

DIY Cord Covers

Hiding ugly wall outlets is always a problem but here is a way to turn them into charming little patches of wall art. This also creates some perfect little shelf spaces for your favorite knick knacks and even small house plants. Plus, when you move, you CAN take it with you.

How to Hang a Chandelier for Renters

Many older houses lack overhead lighting and lamps can only go so far in some instances. The solution is to try this easy chandelier trick that is about as simple as hanging your favorite plant from a swag hook in the ceiling.

Vintage Postcard Backsplash

Sprucing up the staid old countertops in a rental unit is one way to add some instant charm to your dwelling. Using vintage postcards is a colorful and eye-catching way to cover up those old crumbling backsplashes in a way that is both extremely affordable as well as cunningly fashionable at the same time.

DIY Map Wall Treatment

Everyone can think of a perfect place to use this crafty little idea. It makes a perfect covering to hide stains or holes without looking like it was placed there to hide stains or holes. It would also be the perfect wall covering for a comfy den or home office.

Temporary Accent Wall for Renters

Some walls just look better as accent walls rather than being covered with pictures and framed photos and what-have-you in order to disguise their plain simplicity. Cutting out geometric shapes from your favorite roll of contact paper is one way to add pizzazz without making your landlord go crazy.

Fabric Quote Banner

Having your say isn’t always easy in a rental, but here is a way to express yourself without having to repaint the walls once you move on. The best part about this is that you can tailor it to fit any available space, large or small.

Copper Pipe Ladder

Since rentals are usually smaller than owner-occupied houses, there is a corresponding lack of closet and storage space. This adorable and easy copper ladder project is the perfect way to hang towels, blankets, or any other bulky item, thus freeing up closets and drawers for other purposes.

Faux Roman Shades

Many people love the look of Roman shades for their windows– but they are less happy about how much they cost in the stores. Particularly in a rental, where you might not have the same size windows next time you move, this is an ingenious and money-saving way of getting the look you want at the price you can afford.

Agate Slice and Copper Sconces

Okay, even if you’ve never cared one whit about wall sconces in your entire life, that is about to change. You are going to go mad over these fabulous DIY sconces. Simply mad. Nothing else to say.

Turn a Bar Stool into a Side Table

So you’ve been looking high and low for the perfect little table to fit in that teeny-tiny little space you have next to the couch or alongside your bed. Well, your search is ended at last– provided of course that you have a bar stool and some glue.

Salvaged Wood Chalkboard

There is just something so alluring about turning an old exterior surface into something decorative to display with pride inside your home. If you add a generous helping of practical usefulness to the recipe, then you’re really cooking with gas.

No Sew Table Cloth Bed Canopy

If you been looking for the perfect way to show off that high ceiling in your bedroom, this is the project you’ve been looking for. It’s a quick, easy, inexpensive, and oh-so-elegant way to really bring your bedroom to life.

Hanging Garden

Calling all cooks. This project is going to save you the tons of money you currently spend on buying fresh herbs. Better still, it’s going to make your window or wall look fabulous. Plus it’s so easy and inexpensive to make. What more could you ask for?

Cafe Curtain

So how about a project you can get started on right now? No trips to the craft store or need to prowl garage sales. This is something you can do to make your home more beautiful right now with things you already have on hand.

Faux Tiled Headboard

Want to make your bedroom look like a million dollars for just twelve bucks? This faux tiled headboard does the trick with no problem at all. The tiles adhere easily to the wall and can be taken back down just as easily. Perfect for austere spaces such as college dorms.