Make something truly unique for your home decor with these amazing #DIY lightbulb repurposing crafts. Great ideas! #DIY #homedecor #crafts #repurposing

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Looking for truly unique home decor items that you won’t even find in stores? Try making something out of the humble lightbulb.

Who knew that the humble lightbulb could be transformed into something so amazing. You’ve seen it in magazines, and now you can make it yourself. It’s a lot easier than you think and it will take you no more than an afternoon of your time. And it will take only a few dollars spent on supplies.

The best part is that you get these 18 very easy to follow tutorials that will show you several different crafts to create unique home decor!

Spring Flowers in a Lightbulb

Spring flowers are exceptionally beautiful after a cold winter. Flowers don’t have to be expensive. Here are some creative upcycled ideas, including the lightbulb vase. Follow the tutorial to see how it’s done.

DIY Lightbulb Terrarium

How to make Lightbulb Terrariums by recycling a lot of items and spending under $15. Check out this link to get the instructions.

Easy DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Learn how to make a Marimo moss ball DIY light bulb aquarium. These tiny aquariums make super cute homemade gifts for friends and family. See the tutorial to learn how to do it.

DIY Light Bulb Vase

Create the DIY lightbulb vase with a stand the easy way. Read this website to find out how it’s done.

Hourglass Clock Out of Light Bulbs

How to Make an Hourglass Clock Out of Light Bulbs


This project is intended for parents and children to build together, and have fun doing it. It’ll get the kids to get away from technology and will allow you to spend some quality time with them. Follow the link to see how it’s done.

Glitter Light Bulb Ornament

Glitter Light Bulb Ornament


This is an awesome glitter light bulb ornament for an easy project idea. Check out the link for the complete guidance and instructions.

Light Bulb Snow Globes

Light Bulb Snow Globes: If you are looking for another project to do with an old incandescent light bulb here is a snow globe you can make. Check out the article to see the full guidance.

DIY Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons

DIY Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons


Repurpose light bulbs into high-flying accents. See the tutorial for the entire guidance and instructions.

Ombre Craft Light Bulb Ornaments

These DIY Light Bulb Crafts Ornaments are an easy ombre crafts project. Make light Bulb ornaments by recycling old Christmas light bulbs in an afternoon. See the link for the full details.

Light Bulb Terrarium

You can make a light bulb terrarium that requires no maintenance, and still looks great for years to come. Follow the article to see the entire details.

How to Make a Light Bulb Terrarium

The humble light bulb has become something of design classic of late. Check out the tutorial to get the full instructions.

Light Bulb Vase

A very simple, yet elegant vase, made from a light bulb. See the link to find out how it’s made.

DIY Light Bulb Terrarium in Less Than 5 Minutes

This DIY Light Bulb Terrarium is a fantastic combination of organic and inorganic materials. You can creatively recycle a light bulb creating a green globe of flower pots or mini terrarium. See the link to find out how it’s done.

Light Bulb Miniature

Make this light bulb miniature for an easy project. See the tutorial to get the complete guidance.

DIY Lightbulb Hot Air Balloon

Orly Shani is making a decorative lightbulb with just a handful of materials. See the tutorial to find out how to do it.

Recycle Old Light Bulb

How to make a ship into an old light bulb. Read the tutorial to get the complete plans.

DIY Valentine’s Day Lightbulb Gift

Create this cute DIY Valentine’s Day lightbulb gift. Here is how you can make your own. See the article to see the full instructions.

DIY Light Bulb Vase

Don’t throw away those old light bulbs just yet. Read the article to find out how to make a unique flower vase.