This year I decided I wanted to do a Santa themed wreath. I mulled over doing another peppermint wreath, or maybe a simple Christmas one, but I like to keep it interesting.


  • 12″ styrofoam wreath
  • 3″ red ribbon
  • gold rope [Christmas Section]
  • hot glue
  • red ornaments, regular size
  • 2 boxes tiny red ornaments
  • tiny red, foam balls

All of which can be found at Hobby Lobby or a Michael’s if you have it in your town.

I got an assortment pack of red ornaments of between 30-40 ornaments. I got two boxes of the tiny red ornaments which have between 15-20 in the box.

First off, wrap your wreath with the red ribbon. To start , hot glue the first piece of ribbon to the wreath & just start wrapping. Finish it off with some hot glue.

Next, you need to put some sort of hanging device on there. I just tied each end of some thick, gold ribbon & then hot glued them into place. It doesn’t have to be pretty because the ornaments will cover it.

Next, just start gluing. This will take some practice & you’ll use a crap ton of glue, but just make sure they’re on there real good. There’s a chance next year that you’ll need to re-glue some on after it hanging outside for an entire winter, but that’s an easy fix.
Along the way, you’ll think to yourself, “gee wiz, there’s a tiny gap that I can’t fill with this big ornament.” This, my friends, is where you’ll use your tiny ornaments. Fashion them in places that your big ornaments will look weird.
And then, when you’ve filled all the gaps [mostly], you can fill the even tinier gaps-slash-ugly spots where you can see hot glue with the tiny styrofoam red balls.
‘Lotta ball action happening in this project. Just sayin’.
To finish it off, I got some sparkly foam and some hardened felt for the belt.
Glue that baby on, and you’ve got yourself a real life Santa wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. In total this probably took between 1-1.5 hours to make and cost around $30. Make sure you get your supplies from Hobby Lobby when they have their Christmas decor 50% off (which is pretty much all of November/December).

Source: This article was first published on, but since that website is no longer available we have republished this article to save this wonderful tutorial.