Designing and Securing Your Dream Home from Burglaries

Last updated on December 3, 2020

For many homeowners, nothing beats the excitement and satisfaction of giving their homes a fresh new look either through interior design or home improvement. Some would tap into their creative side and go DIY to create a more personalized feel for their homes, while most would be content to oversee their home projects done by professionals.

However, what gets lost in all the excitement and frenzied planning over home improvement or interior design options is overall security.

A review of recent burglary statistics reassures us that burglaries across the US have been consistently decreasing. Still, the bad news remains that this type of crime is committed almost three times every minute. That’s over 3,000 home invasions across America in a single day!

You certainly wouldn’t want to be another unfortunate statistic and have all that you’ve worked hard for negated by something you could have prevented. So, as you build, establish, or remodel your dream home, make sure to include in your plans measures on how to secure your property.

What's Inside?

Set up a Home Security System

It may come as a bit of a surprise to many that most burglars enter through the front door compared to all other possible entry points of a house. The burglary statistics of the past decade consistently point to it as the weakest part of a home, followed by windows, back doors, and the garage. What makes entry to these points so easy is that many homeowners forget to lock them.

It is, therefore, crucial to have all possible entry points of a house secured. Merely ensuring that you lock all doors and windows before going to bed or leaving the house is the first step in setting up a home protection system. It is highly recommended to install heavy-duty locks on both front and back doors to further improve your home’s first layer of security.

In addition to securing entry points, an automated home security system will provide a more comprehensive layer of protection to both inside and outside of the house. Such a system can include closed-circuit cameras, motion-activated lights, and smart locks. If you are already paying for internet service, then integrating a complete home security system will be much easier.

Perform Background Screening

For most homeowners, they will eventually seek professional help in achieving their plans for design, improvement, or renovation. This will require them to work with people whom they would have to allow access to their homes. However, doing so increases the risks of allowing unknown individuals to become familiar with your property.

Hence, to ensure that you are hiring trustworthy people to do the job for you, invest in comprehensive background checks. You can start by visiting the company or professional’s website and gathering feedback or reviews from previous clients. If you need professional background investigation, you can always seek the assistance of background screening companies.

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Create a Lived-In Look

Many homeowners include pet dogs as part of their home security system, and they are indeed very effective in deterring would-be burglars. However, not all homeowners have dogs, and there would be times when both the homeowner and the pet are away on vacation.

In such instances, or whenever you’re going to be away for some time, always make it appear that somebody’s at home. You can begin by not letting your mail and daily newspapers pile up in front of your home and trimming your bushes and hedges. Not only do you create the impression that you are around, but doing the latter will lessen places where a thief can hide.

Additionally, you can keep some lights on and even use a “Fake TV” device. The latter works with drapes or shades drawn to create the impression that someone’s still watching TV.

Ultimately, securing your dream home is a matter of vigilance on your part. It would be equally great to have everyone at home pitch in the effort of keeping the home safe from being a burglar’s target. As long as nobody gives a reason to a burglar to visit your home, then you and the family would have gone a long way of avoiding and preventing crime from happening.

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