A countertop is an integral part of any modern kitchen. It’s often the focal point and used on a daily basis. Therefore, the materials and design chosen must be of top-notch quality, especially if there are no budget restrictions. The following are a few material choices to make the kitchen countertop appear spacious and aesthetically pleasing.


Granite is a popular countertop material option, which is available in different patterns and colors. It’s also more practical, for it is durable and capable of handling hot pan heat. Though granite does not come cheap, it certainly makes up for its high price tag.


Silestone is for people on a limited budget. Made from quartz, it’s quite robust in composition and usually scratch-resistant. The stone is an ideal pick for countertops as it’s stain-resistant, nonporous, and effortless to clean.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is also an option for countertops. The material is inexpensive and the installation process is also fairly straightforward. Keeping the grout clean can get difficult; it’s, therefore, wise to go dark on colors. For mold growth prevention, the grout can be sealed with anti-microbial additives.


Laminate is the ideal resort for people who are on a very limited budget and cannot afford to accommodate even the most minor increase in costs. The laminate setup is basically a thin plastic layer that’s attached to a particleboard. This makes it fairly cheap and also easy to replace every few years. These countertops generally resist stains and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. The best feature about laminate is its color options – 250 in total, approximately. However, on the downside, it can be easily scratched and damaged by hot pans.

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Courtesy the variety available, it’s important that the countertop choices are made keeping both the budget and overall kitchen design in mind. It doesn’t matter how polished and luxurious the countertop is, it’ll look jarring if it doesn’t blend in with the primary kitchen theme.