Choosing the Best Fireplace for Your Home

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Selecting a suitable fireplace for home and office should be a fairly simple task, after all, it’s simply a place where fire can be built safely, right? At first glance, it might appear this way.

But, there are actually so many different options available that the decision can get complicated very quickly. 

Do you want a gas fireplace or log burner? Do you favor classic ornate hearths or minimalist modern fireplaces? Are you heating several rooms or just one?  Would you like a fuel storage unit located near your fireplace for convenience?  What about heating from multiple sides? 

As you can see the question can get complex. So let’s take a look at some helpful pointers that can remove some of the complexities and lead you to the fireplace you need for ideal warmth and cozy ambiance.

What's Inside?

What is the main function of the fireplace?

The first decision is whether you want the fireplace to provide suitable warmth for your home, or if its purpose is purely aesthetic. Perhaps you want it all, an excellent source of warmth and the beauty of an actual fire?  By knowing what you are looking for and what you hope to accomplish, your contractor or salesman will be able to point you to some favorable options. 

Choose a finish and trim that fits your Interior

There are so many finishes and trims to choose from to beautifully frame your hearth. Some of the most popular options available include:

  • Wood
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick
  • Metal

All of these can come in their specific sets of colors and styles to match your interior decorations perfectly. So it will be a good idea to bring some samples of colors and textures in your décor to make a perfect fit. Be sure to bring actual examples of these rather than just pictures as pictures can have deceiving color effects.

Decide how you want it to be heated

fireplace wood

There are several ways in which your indoor fireplace can be heated with special advantages about each one. 


Real Attractive Flames

Easy to control the flame size and intensity with a turn-style knob

Reliable, when the electricity goes down, you are still warm and comfy

Increase the value of home as they are a good selling point


Convenient as they can be easily moved and relocated in another room or even up to the wall 

Simulated flames are safer

Can be operated with a remote

Easy and precise temperature control 


The ambiance is unparalleled – nothing quite compares to real logs popping and cracking

Requires greater insulation and proper air flow

Must be allowed to burn out, can’t be put out

A lot of clean up involved to keep the fireplace in functional conditions

Set your budget

Adding a fireplace to your home is an investment. A simple fireplace can cost around $100 while more fancy operations can cost into the thousands and higher. So, it is a good idea to decide from the very beginning how much cash you have to invest in before you begin making selections that will seriously impact your budget. 

Gas and electric fireplaces offer the best budget saving options because they don’t require hefty remodeling work to install and repair them. If your budget is a little tight, one of these may be the options for you as they require less care and cash.

What types of fuel are available in your area, and are they very costly? 

After the initial costs of purchasing and setting up the fireplace, you will need to be sure you have a good source of fuel. If you have a gas fireplace, for example, you will want to make sure that there is a supplier of fuel for your fires and at a price that you can pay for all winter to keep you and your home nice and comfortable