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Choosing a bed or building your own DIY bed for a small bedroom can be a difficult task. If you place to much furniture it can look cramped, then your left with a space that is more stressful than relaxing. Be clever and become familiar with exactly how much space you have to spare. Not everything has to be kept in the bedroom, it should only really be a place for sleeping and relaxing. If necessary think about leaving the television in another room in the house. Before you begin anything else, carefully measure the entire space and make a note of the figures. This will save you a lot of fuss in the long-run.

Small bedrooms tends to get overshadowed by a large bed. Look at what kind of theme you have decided on for the room, the colour scheme and the overall feel of it. Try and find a bed that will match with this. After all this will be the vocal point of the space, especially if it’s a small size. The next stage is testing out a few products. We all have different needs when it comes to comfort. Perhaps you believe a water-bed would suit your back problems, then have a lie down and see if that’s true.

There is no point on being disappointed once you get home and find out your actually uncomfortable, or the bed is too big. The right amount of preparation can help you solve the dilemma in half the time, with no messy obstacles to deal with. A nice light colour can help create the illusion of space if your truly lacking. A beautiful pale contrast merged with a new bed can really bright up a small bedroom. Be creative no matter what size space you have to work with. All that matters is you have created room to have quality sleep.