Cheapest Prime Warframes: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on January 25, 2024

Because everyone loves a good frugality hack, discover the cheapest prime Warframes that allow you to dominate the game without breaking your budget.

Navigating the digital bazaar of Warframe’s Prime universe can be as intricate as the game itself, especially when hunting for deals that don’t break the bank. Whether you’re adding to your formidable arsenal or starting your collection, knowing where to look for the most affordable Prime Warframes is key to efficiently expanding your in-game power.

In the vastness of options, a strategy combining the savvy acquisition of older Prime sets, a keen eye on the components’ market, and the shrewdness of trading can yield significant savings. Ready to sharpen your economic edge? Let’s dive into the world of relics, trades, and price checks that will transform your Warframe experience without draining your credits.

Key takeaways:

  • Market Saturation: Look for older Primes as prices tend to be lower.
  • Blueprint and Parts: Buy individual blueprints and components to save money.
  • Relic Farming: Farm for Prime parts yourself through Relic missions.
  • Trading Smarts: Engage in player-to-player trading to find bargains.
  • Research Prices: Use third-party websites like Warframe Market to compare prices.

Cheapest Prime Warframes Overview

cheapest prime warframes overview

Prime Warframes are souped-up versions of standard Warframes, boasting better armor, energy capacity, or additional polarities. While some come with a hefty price tag, the in-game market also offers more wallet-friendly options for players.

Key points to bear in mind:

  • Market Saturation: Newer or more popular Primes often cost more. Look for ones that have been available for a while, as they tend to saturate the market, driving prices down.
  • Blueprints and Parts: Instead of buying a full Prime, purchasing individual blueprints and components can result in savings.
  • Relic Farming: A cost-effective strategy is to farm for the necessary Prime parts yourself through Relic missions.
  • Trading Smarts: Engaging in player-to-player trading can lead to bargains, especially if you’re willing to negotiate or barter with items you already own.

Remember, patience and knowledge of Warframe’s economy can unlock the potential to snag a Prime at a bargain.

Factors Influencing Warframe Prices

factors influencing warframe prices

Understanding the ebb and flow of Prime Warframe prices hinges on several key elements:

  • Rarity of Components: Some Prime Warframes require parts that are harder to come by, driving up their market value.
  • Vaulting Cycle: Warframes periodically get vaulted, meaning their parts aren’t farmable in-game until they are unvaulted, often resulting in increased prices.
  • Player Demand: Popular or highly effective Warframes in the metagame tend to be pricier due to high demand.
  • Release Order: Newer Primes usually command higher prices; older ones become cheaper as more circulate in the market.
  • In-game Events: Occasional events can flood the market with certain Prime parts, temporarily lowering prices.
  • Farmability: Easier-to-farm Primes are often less expensive, as players can more readily obtain them without spending platinum.
  • Platform Differences: Prices can vary between PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch markets, influenced by the user base and platform-specific trends.

Acquisition Methods for Cheap Prime Warframes

Understanding the methods for snagging Prime Warframes without breaking the bank is essential. Here are some of the trusted ways to go about it:

  • Farming Relics: Play through missions that drop relics. Once opened, these relics can potentially grant you Prime parts. Remember, some relics are more common than others, which will influence the rarity of the Prime parts you receive.
  • Relic Sharing: Partner with other players to open relics. By choosing a ‘radshare’ or a ‘radiant relic share,’ you increase your chances of obtaining a rare part as everyone contributes a relic of the same kind.
  • Baro Ki’Teer’s Inventory: This elusive trader occasionally sells Prime parts for ducats. Earning ducats from trading in unwanted Prime parts at any relay can turn into a savvy way to secure the Primes you’re after.
  • In-Game Events: Keep an eye out for events that reward Prime Warframes. These can be an affordable way to add to your collection as events can provide parts or even full Warframes.
  • TennoZone: Visit third-party sites like TennoZone, which predict relic drop locations. Using these can save you time and resources by guiding you to the most efficient farming spots.

Each method requires a different investment of time and resources, so choose the one that best aligns with your playstyle and available time. Remember that patience is key, as farming for parts can be a grind, but with persistence, you’ll expand your Warframe arsenal cost-effectively.

Vault Status Impact On Prime Warframe Prices

Understanding the ebb and flow of Warframe’s in-game economy begins with the concept of the Prime Vault. When a Prime Warframe enters the Vault, it means the relics that contain its components are no longer obtainable through standard in-game missions. This scarcity directly influences the market value, typically resulting in an increase in price for those specific Prime items on third-party trading platforms.

Newer players might wonder why certain frames command higher prices. Simply put, when availability decreases, demand often remains steady or increases, driving up the market cost for those elusive parts. It’s basic supply and demand at play.

Players should also keep an eye out for unvaulting events—special periods when previously vaulted frames become available for a limited time. These events can temporarily lower prices and are excellent opportunities for cost-conscious Tenno to snag a bargain.

Remember that knowledge of the vaulting schedule is a powerful tool. Anticipate which Primes might be next to enter or leave the vault to plan your farming or purchasing strategies. By staying informed, you’ll be better positioned to make savvy decisions in the market and expand your collection without breaking the bank.

Farming Prime Parts for Cost Efficiency

Embarking on the hunt for Prime parts yourself can save you a significant amount of platinum—Warframe’s premium currency. When it’s about cost efficiency, diving into the Void and other Prime part sources isn’t just about savings, it’s also an opportunity to engage with Warframe’s diverse missions.

Here are some focal points:

  • Target specific Void Relics that drop the desired Prime parts, using the in-game Codex or community-driven databases to find their locations.
  • Participate in Void Fissure missions to open these relics, potentially yielding the needed Prime components.
  • Involve yourself in high-efficiency farming by joining squads aimed at relic sharing to maximize the chances of obtaining a variety of Prime parts.
  • Consider refining your relics using Void Traces to increase the likelihood of receiving rare components.
  • Keep an eye on in-game events or missions that may reward these relics or parts directly.
  • Remember to stock up on Void Relics by regularly doing missions with relic rewards to consistently maintain a pipeline for Prime farming efforts.

By routinely collecting and cracking open relics, you not only inch closer to your goal of completing a Prime Warframe but also amass additional parts which can be traded with others, potentially yielding the missing pieces of your Prime puzzle.

Comparing Market Prices for Prime Warframes

Understanding the fluctuating economy of Warframe’s marketplace is integral for snagging the best deals on Prime Warframes. Here’s how to compare market prices effectively:

  • Utilize third-party websites like Warframe Market to track real-time prices for Prime Warframes set by the player community.
  • Monitor price trends for each Prime Warframe to understand their average cost – sudden drops may indicate an influx of parts from newly opened relics.
  • Keep an eye out for price disparities between individual parts and full sets, as sometimes it’s cheaper to buy parts separately.
  • Take note of the ‘sellers online’ count to gauge the availability and competition, which can directly influence price points.
  • Remember that unranked and unmodded Prime Warframes typically sell for less, while fully built and leveled ones fetch a higher price.
  • Pay attention to player reputation and reviews to avoid scams and ensure a fair transaction.

By applying these tactics, you can compare prices effectively and make informed purchasing decisions amidst the ever-shifting sands of Warframe’s in-game economy.

Top Affordable Prime Warframes to Consider

Frost Prime stands as a solid choice for those on a budget, offering robust defenses with his Snow Globe ability, rendering him and his team nearly impervious to gunfire. He’s a frequent dropout from the Prime Vault, making his components relatively easy to farm or purchase at modest prices.

Mag Prime, another excellent budget-friendly option, often surprises with her crowd-control and armor-stripping capabilities, shining in missions that require enemy manipulation and quick area clearance. Her availability in the game’s economy regularly fluctuates, providing ample opportunities to snag her parts at a lower cost.

Oberon Prime offers a well-rounded skill set, balancing offense, healing, and crowd control. His parts are commonly obtained through relics, and while he may occasionally retreat to the Prime Vault, his previous accessibility keeps secondary market costs in check.

Valkyr Prime provides an aggressive playstyle emphasizing melee combat and survivability. Her parts tend to remain at reasonable prices due to player demand and the frequency of her relics being available in the loot pool.

Lastly, Hydroid Prime proves invaluable for resource farming, thanks to abilities that increase loot drops. While he’s not the most potent combatant, the economic benefits of utilizing him for material collection make him an attractive investment at a lower price point.

Frost Prime

Hailing from the icy tundras, Frost Prime maintains all the chilling capabilities of its non-Prime counterpart with added polar appeal. As a staple for defensive missions, this Warframe freezes enemies in their tracks and protects objectives with a robust Snow Globe ability.

Accessibility: He’s often attainable through special events or can be pieced together from relics, making him relatively straightforward to acquire for those willing to put in the farm time.

Blueprint Acquirement: Keep an eye on the Void Relic drop tables; Frost Prime’s blueprints and components drop from specific ones, so knowing which relics to hunt can save you time.

Trade Value: Due to his popularity and versatility, he often fetches a reasonable price on the market, but savvy traders can still snag him for less by staying alert to player offers.

Prime Benefits: With enhanced shield capacity and an additional polarity slot, he provides a desirable blend of survivability and customization potential, advantageous for beginners and veterans alike.

Through efficient relic farming or timely trades, adding Frost Prime to your arsenal doesn’t have to leave you out in the cold financially.

Mag Prime

With a host of abilities suited for crowd control and area damage, Mag Prime stands as a force to be reckoned with. This powerful variant offers increased shields and energy capacity over her standard version, making her a durable ally in battle.

Her blueprint and components can be obtained through Relics, often resulting in a lower cost due to their frequent rotation in and out of the Prime Vault.

Exploring player-run markets for set or individual parts is a practical strategy to add her to your arsenal without breaking the bank. Additionally, keeping an eye on in-game events that reward Prime parts can sometimes lead to acquiring Mag Prime pieces.

Remember, patience and persistent farming can significantly reduce your expenditure, leaving you with a capable Warframe at a fraction of the cost. Engaging with the community through trading can also provide opportunities to trade surplus parts for those you’re missing, effectively cutting costs further.

Oberon Prime

Delving into the details of what makes Oberon Prime a steal, his lush, druid-like aesthetics are just the tip of the iceberg. This Prime variant boasts superior armor and energy capacity over his standard form, allowing for enhanced survivability and more frequent use of abilities.

  • Enhanced Abilities: More energy means you can cast Smite, Hallowed Ground, Renewal, and Reckoning more often, keeping you and your teammates buffed and enemies debuffed.
  • Farming Made Easy: Components drop from Lith, Meso, and Neo relics, making them accessible to even newer players.
  • Market Availability: Parts are often sold by players at reasonable rates due to the popularity of farming his relics.
  • Tactical Advantage: Ideal for support roles or solo play, Oberon Prime can significantly impact the team’s success in missions.

Tips for acquisition:

  • Keep an eye on the Void Relic drop tables and target missions where Oberon Prime’s relics are rewarded.
  • Form a squad with the aim of farming Oberon Prime relics to increase efficiency.
  • Once vaulted, consider purchasing from other players before prices rise due to scarcity.

Valkyr Prime

Valkyr Prime offers a formidable combination of agility and resilience, making her a favorite among Tenno who prefer a more hands-on approach to combat. Known for her Berserker capabilities, her prime variant not only boasts enhanced armor and energy capacity but also comes with polarities that can make modding more efficient, saving resources for players.

Key points to consider when targeting Valkyr Prime for acquisition:

  • Blueprints and Part Locations: Regularly check Void Relic drop locations for current rotations, as these can change with updates to the game.
  • Relic Farming: Participate in Void Fissure missions to obtain the necessary relics. Consider recruiting a squad for more efficient farming.
  • Baro Ki’Teer’s Inventory: Watch for this trader’s visits, as he sometimes offers relics containing Valkyr Prime parts.
  • Trading with Other Players: Often, fellow Tenno have spare parts and are willing to trade at lower rates than full Prime sets in the market.
  • Ducat Investment: Use duplicates to gather Ducats, which can be saved for potential purchasing of her relics from Baro Ki’Teer.

Identifying the less sought-after relics that contain her parts can often lead to deals, as players undervalue items perceived as common. Monitor market trends for dips in pricing, especially when she is overshadowed by newer Prime releases—this is an opportune moment to strike a deal.

Hydroid Prime

Hydroid Prime remains a go-to option for Tenno on a budget, thanks to his well-rounded abilities suitable for farming and crowd control. With a majestic pirate-theme design, this Prime variant of Hydroid boasts enhanced shield capacity and armor over his non-Prime counterpart, making him a durable choice for various missions.

  • Farming Prime Parts: Players can acquire his blueprints by targeting specific Void Relics, potentially bypassing the need for Platinum expenditure.
  • Relic Accessibility: His parts drop from common relics, increasing the chances of obtaining them through normal gameplay or via trading with other players at a low cost.
  • Vault Status: Being previously vaulted but since re-released, Hydroid Prime’s components are sufficiently circulated in the player base, keeping trade prices modest.
  • In-Game Utility: His Pilfering Swarm augment increases loot drop chances, which can facilitate farming for resources and other Warframe components, providing long-term value.

Focusing on Hydroid Prime provides both immediate cost savings and future farming benefits, striking a balance between upfront affordability and ongoing utility.

Trade Chat Etiquette for Best Deals

Navigating the bustling trade chat in Warframe is akin to entering a digital marketplace – it’s all about clear communication and mutual respect. To secure the most competitive prices:

  • Precision is Key: Use specific terms for what you’re buying or selling. Example: “WTB [Want to Buy] Rhino Prime Set, offering 120p [platinum].”
  • Patience Pays Off: Hasty messages get lost in the flood. If you don’t get a response immediately, wait a few minutes before reposting.
  • Negotiate Wisely: Engage in fair haggling. Don’t lowball, but do propose reasonable counteroffers.
  • Stay Alert: Keep an eye on chat trends for the going rates of items to avoid overpaying.
  • Brief but Friendly: Space is limited, but a simple “please” or “thank you” can establish a positive exchange.

Remember, courtesy often leads to repeated transactions and potentially better deals down the line.

Utilizing Warframe Market for Price Tracking

Dive into the digital realm of Warframe Market, an invaluable tool for real-time price tracking. Here, you can observe the ebb and flow of Prime Warframe prices, influenced by player supply and demand. By setting up alerts, you can receive notifications when your sought-after Prime drops to your desired price point.

Key Strategies:

  • Keep a close watch on average prices to spot undervalued listings.
  • Bookmark favorites and watchlists for quick access to your prime targets.
  • Understand peak trading hours for potential bargains as more players are online.
  • Monitor price trends before major game updates, which could shift the market dynamics.

A little patience combined with smart use of Warframe Market can significantly cut down the cost of expanding your Prime collection.

Maximizing Ducats to Obtain Prime Gear Economically

Earning Ducats, the premium currency obtained by trading in Prime parts at relay kiosks, opens a path to acquiring Prime gear affordably. To maximize this strategy effectively:

1. Farm Primes Regularly: Stay updated with the current Void Relic drops and invest time in missions that yield these relics. Sorties, Syndicate missions, and fissure missions are rich sources.

2. Selective Trading: Not all Prime parts are equal in Ducat value. Save the higher-value parts for trades and cash in the lower-value ones for Ducats.

3. Ducat-Value Efficiency: Aim for relics that have the best Ducat-to-farming-effort ratio, ensuring your time spent farming translates into a higher Ducat yield.

4. Baro Ki’Teer’s Visits: Time your Ducat spending around the biweekly visits of the vendor Baro Ki’Teer, who brings a rotating stock of rare items, including desirable Prime gear.

5. Relic Packs Purchase: Use Ducats to buy relic packs from Syndicates, potentially giving you access to rare Prime parts that can be traded for a higher volume of Ducats or desired Warframe components.

Following these points can help stretch your Ducats further, turning them into an effective currency for obtaining your Prime gear at a lower economic impact.

Tips On Timing Purchases for Best Value

Timing is key when hunting for the best deals on Prime Warframes. Here’s how to sync your purchases with the game’s economics:

1. Watch for Prime Vault Openings: When certain Prime Warframes become available from the Vault, supply increases, often reducing prices temporarily. Keep an eye on Warframe announcements for Vault schedules.

2. Monitor End-of-Season Trends: As players complete their seasonal goals, they might start selling off excess inventory at lower prices to clear space.

3. Pay Attention to Updates and New Releases: New content can shift focus away from older Primes, making them less in demand and more affordable. Grab these opportunities when the community’s attention is elsewhere.

4. Check During Holidays or Special Events: Digital Extremes, the developers of Warframe, occasionally offer market discounts during festive seasons which can make acquiring Platinum, the in-game currency used for trading, cheaper.

5. Stay Informed on the Community’s Pulse: Engaging with forums, subreddits, and community groups keeps you in the loop for potential price dips influenced by the player base.

By staying alert and understanding these tendencies, you can snag prime Warframes at their most accessible prices.


How to get Prime warframes free?

To secure Prime warframes for free, you need to collect Void Relics through farming, then run Void Fissure missions to unlock these relics and obtain the desired blueprint – all hinging on the results of Random Number Generation (RNG).

How much is Rhino Prime worth?

Rhino Prime, a highly sought-after Warframe, is valued between 300-500 Platinum.

How much platinum is wukong prime?

The cost of Wukong Prime set ranges approximately between 150 to 200 platinum.

What are the cheapest methods to acquire Octavia Prime?

The cheapest methods to acquire Octavia Prime are through trading with other players or farming the specific Prime parts in the game Warframe.

How much platinum does Mirage Prime typically cost?

Mirage Prime typically costs around 200 to 300 platinum depending on the market conditions in Warframe.

What’s the average market price for Saryn Prime?

The average market price for Saryn Prime currently stands around 200-250 Platinum.


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