Cheapest Gas in Fort Collins: Your Guide to Affordable Fuel Options

Last updated on April 7, 2024

Discover the cheapest gas in Fort Collins because fueling your vehicle shouldn’t break the bank.

Fuel prices can make quite a dent in your wallet, especially when it seems like every penny counts. If you’re looking for the cheapest gas in Fort Collins, you’re in the right place. This guide will steer you toward savvy fuel finds without the hassle.

We’ll tap into the best tools for price comparisons, spotlight the stations known for gentle pricing, and share tips on leveraging loyalty benefits to cut costs even further. And because we know time is just as valuable as money, we’ll help you balance cost with convenience to get you back on the road, budget intact and with a full tank.

Ready to fuel up for less? Let’s dive into finding the most affordable gas options waiting for you in Fort Collins.

Key takeaways:

  • Utilize price comparison websites and apps like GasBuddy and AAA’s Fuel Price Finder.
  • Stay updated on Fort Collins gas prices through real-time tracking tools and local news outlets.
  • Consider Sam’s Club, Costco, 7-Eleven, Valero, and Circle K for budget-friendly gas options in Fort Collins.
  • Take advantage of loyalty programs and member discounts for additional savings.
  • Consider proximity, convenience, and amenities when choosing a gas station in Fort Collins.

Utilize Price Comparison Websites and Apps

utilize price comparison websites and apps

Staying ahead in the fuel-saving game involves savvy tech use. Platforms like GasBuddy provide real-time updates on the cheapest gas options available in Fort Collins. Localized searches on these apps allow drivers to pinpoint the most affordable fuel in their vicinity.

Alternatively, websites like AAA’s Fuel Price Finder offer a broader picture, comparing statewide trends that can impact local prices. By setting alerts, motorists can receive notification of price drops, helping to time purchases when rates are lowest.

Furthermore, user-contributed price reporting ensures a community-driven approach to finding the best deals on gasoline, fostering a network of cost-conscious consumers. Remember to look out for accuracy in these reports, as prices can fluctuate rapidly.

Updates On Fort Collins Gas Prices

updates on fort collins gas prices

Staying abreast of the latest fluctuations in fuel costs is crucial for snagging the best deal at the pump. Real-time tracking tools such as GasBuddy provide current Fort Collins gas prices at a glance, empowering drivers to make informed decisions.

These platforms often feature user-reported data, enhancing their accuracy and reliability. Also, local news outlets frequently segment weekly gas price trends, helping to foresee potential price dips or spikes.

Social media community groups are another rich resource where residents share timely gas price updates and cheap fuel finds.

Forewarned with this knowledge, drivers can time their gas purchases effectively.

Sam’s Club: Station Prices and Reviews

Recognized for its competitive pricing, Sam’s Club often leads as one of the go-to spots for budget-friendly gas in Fort Collins. This big-box member-based warehouse requires an active membership to use its pumps, which typically translates to lower gas prices than those offered by public stations. Members benefit from the exclusivity, regularly saving several cents per gallon.

Customers commend Sam’s Club gas for maintaining high-quality fuel standards, often equivalent to top-tier gasoline brands. The fuel station’s high turnover ensures freshness, a point often highlighted in consumer reviews. Additionally, the station’s design typically features multiple pumps to reduce wait times, though peak hours can still see queues, hinting at its popularity.

While amenities might be basic compared to full-service stations – you won’t find car washes or extensive food selections here – the key attraction remains the savings on gas. It’s important to weigh the cost of membership against potential gas savings throughout the year to determine the overall value for your specific driving habits and fuel needs.

Costco: Station Prices and Reviews

For those holding a Costco membership card, fueling up at their pumps often leads to substantial savings on gas. Typically undercutting competitors, Costco’s fuel prices are known for being among the most wallet-friendly in Fort Collins. Not just economical, the reviews praise the cleanliness of the premises and the efficiency of the service. However, it’s essential to note that access to these pumps is exclusive to Costco members.

With high-volume sales, Costco can frequently replenish its fuel supply, potentially offering fresher gasoline than lower-volume stations – a lure for customers prioritizing engine health along with cost. As a bonus, during busy hours, attendants are often present to help maintain traffic flow and assist customers, showcasing the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Keep in mind that Costco’s gas stations have set operating hours that differ from the warehouse, which could affect when you can fill up. The best bet is to check the local Costco’s hours and try to avoid peak times for the shortest wait times. Overall, leveraging a Costco membership for gas in Fort Collins can be a strategic move for consistent savings at the pump.

7-Eleven: Station Prices and Reviews

Frequent visitors of 7-Eleven in Fort Collins often praise the store’s competitive gas prices, which consistently rank among the lower tiers in the area. Their fuel, though affordable, does not compromise on quality, adhering to industry standards that ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

What sets these stations apart is the 7Rewards loyalty program. By downloading the 7-Eleven app and enrolling in the program, motorists can collect points for each gallon of gas purchased. These points can be redeemed for in-store discounts, offering a twin benefit of saving on both fuel and convenience store purchases.

Feedback from customers suggests a satisfaction with the swift service and the clean, well-maintained pump areas. The added bonus of easy-access convenience stores right on the premises means you can grab a snack or a coffee for the road while your tank fills up.

While 7-Eleven may not always be the absolute cheapest option, it’s often a smart choice for those looking to balance cost, convenience, and rewards. Remember to check current pricing through local resource platforms as costs can fluctuate due to various market factors.

Valero: Station Prices and Reviews

Valero stations in Fort Collins are known for competitive pricing, often featuring among the lower-cost options in local fuel price listings. Customers report a consistent experience with prices that typically hover just below the city average, which can translate to significant savings over time, especially for regular commuters.

Highlighted by reviewers are the cleanliness of the facilities and the fast service, positioning Valero as a solid choice for both fuel savings and a pleasant pit stop. The company’s V-power rewards program is an added benefit, allowing motorists to earn points on purchases, contributing to future savings at the pump.

Additionally, the Valero mobile app provides real-time price information, helping drivers plan their refueling stops efficiently. With multiple Valero locations across Fort Collins, drivers have the convenience of accessibility, ensuring that a cost-effective fill-up is never too far out of reach.

Circle K: Station Prices and Reviews

Circle K stations in Fort Collins often provide competitive pricing that can catch the eye of budget-conscious drivers. With frequent updates to their pricing, customers can sometimes catch lower rates, especially during promotional periods or when using the Circle K Easy Pay program.

Reviews from regulars highlight the convenience of the multiple locations throughout the city, which means there’s likely one on your route.

The cleanliness of Circle K stations and the efficiency of service are additional perks often brought up by patrons. While primarily known for their gas, these stations also offer an array of snacks and drinks, making them a one-stop-shop for road trip essentials or a quick bite.

Always check the current price on the marquee as they can change, reflecting market trends and competition, which could mean even more savings for the informed driver.

Conoco: Station Prices and Reviews

A notable player in the affordable gas scene in Fort Collins is Conoco. Known for competitive pricing, consumers often find their rates among the lowest in the area.

Here are a few points worth noting about Conoco stations:

  • Discounts and Rewards: By participating in Conoco’s rewards program, drivers can knock a few more cents off per gallon, making a good deal even better.
  • Quality Fuel: Despite lower prices, the fuel quality adheres to high standards, ensuring your vehicle runs efficiently.
  • Mobile App Convenience: With the Conoco app, it’s a breeze to locate nearby stations, check current prices, and access discounts, streamlining the entire fueling process.
  • Customer Reviews: Generally receiving positive feedback, patrons highlight friendly service and clean facilities, adding value to the economical fuel rates.
  • Multiple Locations: There are several Conoco stations in Fort Collins, increasing accessibility and reducing the need for extensive travel to refuel.

It’s worth noting that while individual station prices may vary slightly due to location-specific demand and operational costs, Conoco regularly emerges as a budget-friendly option for motorists.

Loyalty Programs and Member Discounts

Loyalty programs often translate into significant savings at the pump. Enrolling usually takes just a few minutes, and members can start accruing points immediately, which can be redeemed for discounts on gasoline.

Several Fort Collins stations offer these programs:

  • Fuel Rewards Program: Shell stations empower drivers to earn savings for every gallon. Purchases at Shell and select restaurants and retailers add points to your account, which subtract cents per gallon on your next fill-up.
  • King Soopers Rewards: Shopping for groceries could reduce your fuel costs. Earning one point for every dollar spent in King Soopers, every 100 points grant a $0.10 discount per gallon at their fuel centers and participating Shell stations.
  • Safeway Gas Rewards: Similar to King Soopers, Safeway offers points for in-store purchases. With enough points, customers earn gas discounts redeemable at Safeway fuel stations and Chevron or Texaco.
  • Membership Clubs: Exclusive clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club also provide member-only low fuel prices. The annual fees could be justified by the cumulative savings on gas throughout the year, particularly for high-mileage drivers.
  • Pay with GasBuddy: This free program works at most gas stations in Fort Collins where you save on each gallon when paying with the GasBuddy card that links to your checking account.

Comprehending the fine print of these programs ensures they align with your spending habits and fueling needs, maximising the potential savings and making each dollar spent work harder for you.

Optimal Times for Fueling Up

Timing can be a crucial factor in snagging the best gas prices. Early week mornings typically see lower rates, as weekends draw crowds and potential price hikes.

Also, aim to fill up during cooler parts of the day; gasoline expands with heat, meaning you get marginally less if you fuel up when it’s warm.

Keep an eye on trend forecasts if you can wait a few days; prices can dip following a trend or after a peak travel season.

Lastly, leverage technology by setting alerts on gas-saving apps to notify you when the price at your preferred station drops, ensuring you never miss the opportunity for cheaper gas.

Influence of Seasonal and Geopolitical Factors On Prices

Seasonal shifts play a notable role in fuel costs. In warmer months, gas stations typically switch to a summer blend, which is more expensive to produce but evaporates less easily, thus being more environmentally friendly and efficient for your vehicle. Expect a rise in prices as the weather turns balmy.

During the colder seasons, the demand for heating oil increases, which can indirectly hike gas prices. Also, holiday road trips often lead to a temporary surge in demand, nudging prices upward.

Geopolitical events can cause immediate fluctuations in oil prices globally. Tensions in oil-producing regions, trade agreements, or international conflicts can impact crude oil availability, influencing local gas prices almost overnight.

To add, decisions made by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) often affect how much you pay at the pump. Production cuts or increases among these countries can lower or raise prices, respectively.

Understanding these factors aids in anticipating changes and possibly adjusting your refueling strategy to mitigate the impact on your wallet. Keep an ear to the ground for news that could signal a price change for a more budget-friendly experience at the pump.

Comparison With Colorado Metro Average Prices

Fort Collins often boasts gas prices that sit comfortably below the Colorado metro average. When comparing fuel costs, consider the following:

  • Regional Variations: Prices can differ due to transportation costs, with Fort Collins typically enjoying lower rates than more remote regions.
  • Volume of Traffic: Higher traffic areas may experience elevated prices from increased demand.
  • Supply Sources: Fort Collins’ proximity to supply lines and refineries can positively impact pump prices.
  • Local Competition: The density of gas stations in an area can intensify competition, driving prices down.

Remaining aware of these factors can help drivers understand the ebb and flow of gas prices within the Fort Collins area compared to the wider context of Colorado’s metro regions.

Location Proximity and Convenience

Securing the cheapest gas doesn’t just hinge on the advertised price per gallon. When considering your options in Fort Collins, factor in the travel distance to the station. Longer drives can offset any savings, especially if you’re traversing the city for a few cents per gallon. Here’s why proximity matters:

  • Time is Money: Closer gas stations save you more time, and in turn, money—considering the value of your time spent driving.
  • Fuel Efficiency: A nearby station can mean your car consumes less fuel to get there, effectively making your fill-up even more economical.
  • Routine Routes: Leverage stations that fall along your regular commute or near errands you’d be running anyway. This integrates refueling seamlessly with your daily activities.
  • Local Traffic: Be mindful of traffic patterns. A station that’s easy to access during off-peak hours can become a time-consuming detour during rush hour.
  • Urban vs. Suburban: Sometimes, stations just outside city limits offer lower prices due to reduced operating costs. Weigh the potential savings against the extra drive.

Remember, the true cost of your gas includes getting there and back. Choose a balance between low prices and logistical ease that works best for your routine and budget.

Gas Station Amenities Comparison

When looking beyond pump prices, consider the value added through station amenities. Stations featuring convenience stores allow for quick shopping while your tank fills. Some may offer car wash services, which can save time and money when bundled with refueling.

Clean, accessible restrooms are a plus, particularly for travelers. Additionally, consider the presence of food options. Outlets with fresh coffee or fast-food chains provide a welcome break on longer journeys. Stations with ample lighting and security can offer peace of mind, especially during late-night stops.

Remember, the overall experience can sometimes outweigh a marginal difference in fuel costs.

Non-Gasoline Options: Electric Charging Stations

Transitioning towards a greener commute? Fort Collins is equipped with a variety of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for those who’ve made the switch from gasoline to electric.

Located in public areas, shopping centers, and dedicated charging parks, these stations allow you to top up your vehicle’s battery while you run errands or relax.

Notable networks such as ChargePoint, Tesla Superchargers, and the city’s own public charging stations offer convenience across different locales.

Many of these chargers provide the option of faster charging for a premium, which means you could regain miles more quickly.

Planning is key, and with the help of various apps, you can locate the nearest station or plan a route based on accessibility to EV chargers, ensuring that you stay charged up and ready to roll.

Remember to check the charging compatibility of your EV, as connectors might vary.

Embrace the evolution of eco-friendly travel, conveniently and confidently, in Fort Collins.


Which is the cheapest day to get gas?

The cheapest days to fill up your tank with gas are typically Monday and Tuesday due to lower demand at the start of the week.

What state is gas the cheapest?

The state with the cheapest gas in the U.S. is Mississippi, with an average cost of $3.29 per gallon.

What factors influence the cost of gas in Fort Collins?

The cost of gas in Fort Collins is influenced by various factors such as crude oil prices, refining and distribution costs, marketing, taxes, and the local supply and demand factors.

How does the price of gas in Fort Collins compare to the national average?

The price of gas in Fort Collins typically leans higher than the national average.

Where specifically in Fort Collins can you find the cheapest gas prices?

Cheapest gas prices in Fort Collins can be found at Costco located on East Harmony Road according to GasBuddy.


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