20 Cabinet Depth Options: Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Fit

Last updated on November 11, 2023

Explore cabinet depth options to maximize your storage space. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home in this insightful blog post.

Are you tired of your cabinets sticking out like a sore thumb in your kitchen or bathroom? Do you wish they could seamlessly blend into the wall and create a more spacious feel?

Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore 20 cabinet depth options that will transform your space without breaking the bank. From recessed cabinets to floating shelves, there’s an option for every style and budget.

Get ready to say goodbye to bulky cabinets and hello to a sleeker, more functional space. Let’s dive in!

Standard Depth

cabinet standard depth

Standard depth cabinets are the most common option found in kitchens. They typically measure 24 inches deep, which provides ample storage space for dishes, pots and pans, and other kitchen essentials.

Standard depth cabinets are available in a variety of widths to fit any kitchen layout or design style. While they may be the most traditional choice for cabinetry, standard depth options can still be customized with different finishes or hardware to create a unique look that fits your personal taste.

Because they are so widely used and readily available from many manufacturers, standard-depth cabinets tend to be more affordable than some of the alternative options on this list.

Shallow Cabinets

Beadboard cabinet

These cabinets typically have a depth of 12 inches or less, making them perfect for small kitchens or spaces where every inch counts.

One way to incorporate shallow cabinets into your kitchen design is by using them as upper cabinetry. This will allow you to store items that are used less frequently, such as seasonal dishes or specialty appliances, without taking up valuable counter space.

Another idea is to use shallow base cabinets along the walls of your kitchen instead of traditional deep ones. This can create more floor space and make it easier to move around in the room while still providing ample storage options.

When choosing shallow cabinet options, consider adding pull-out drawers or adjustable shelves so that you can customize each cabinet’s interior based on what you need it for.

Deep Storage

Deep Storage cabinets kitchen pantry

Cabinets with a depth of 24 inches or more can provide ample space for storing pots, pans, and other cookware that may not fit in standard cabinets. Deep storage cabinets are also great for storing small appliances like blenders and mixers that take up valuable counter space.

One thing to keep in mind when considering deep storage options is accessibility. It can be challenging to reach items at the back of a deep cabinet without having to move everything else out of the way first.

To make things easier, consider installing pull-out shelves or drawers that allow you to access all parts of the cabinet easily.

Another consideration when choosing deep storage options is organization. With so much extra space available, it’s easy for things to become disorganized quickly if there isn’t a system in place from the start.

Consider using dividers or baskets within your cabinets so you can keep similar items together and find what you need quickly.

Custom Sizing

Custom Cabinet kitchen

Custom sizing allows you to maximize your space and create a cohesive look throughout your kitchen. You can choose the height, width, and depth of each cabinet to fit perfectly in your available space.

When opting for custom sizing, it’s important to work with an experienced cabinet maker who can help guide you through the process. They will take precise measurements of your kitchen and provide recommendations on how best to utilize every inch of available space.

While custom-sized cabinets may come at a higher cost than standard sizes, they offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of design options and functionality.


Shaker Style kitchen cabinets

These types of cabinets can be used in any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and provide ample storage without taking up too much floor space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is also an excellent way to create a streamlined look that makes your room appear larger.

One of the benefits of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is that it allows you to store items out of sight while keeping them easily accessible. This type of cabinet can be customized with adjustable shelves or drawers so you can organize everything from dishes and cookware in the kitchen to clothing and linens in your bedroom.

Another advantage is that they offer plenty of design options as well. You could choose glass-front doors for displaying decorative items or opt for solid wood doors if you prefer a more traditional look.

Built-in Appliances

Walnut built-in cabinet

This option allows for a seamless and cohesive look in your kitchen or bathroom. Built-in appliances can include ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.

By integrating these appliances into your cabinetry design you can create a streamlined look that maximizes space while also providing easy access to all of your cooking essentials.

When choosing built-in appliances it’s important to consider their dimensions so they fit perfectly within the cabinets. You’ll want to measure carefully before making any purchases or installations as some models may require additional modifications such as ventilation systems or electrical outlets.

Open Shelving

kitchen Display Case Accent Lights

Not only does it provide a place to display your favorite dishes and glassware, but it can also make the room feel more spacious by eliminating the need for bulky cabinets.

One of the best things about open shelving is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can install shelves in any number of configurations, from simple floating shelves to full-length units that span an entire wall.

And because there are no doors or drawers blocking access, everything on your shelves will be within easy reach.

When designing with open shelving in mind, consider using contrasting colors or textures between the shelf and wall surfaces for added depth and dimensionality. Try grouping items together by color or theme – this will help create a cohesive look while still allowing each piece its own moment in the spotlight.

Corner Solutions

kitchen Corner Drawers

One popular solution is a lazy Susan, which allows for easy access to items stored in the back of the cabinet by rotating shelves with just a simple spin. Another option is an angled drawer system that pulls out from the corner and provides ample storage while keeping everything within reach.

A diagonal sink base cabinet or pull-out pantry unit are also great ways to maximize corner space while maintaining functionality and accessibility in your kitchen design. With these clever solutions, you’ll never have to struggle with awkward corners again!

Pull-out Drawers

pantry pullout shelf

These drawers slide out from the cabinet, allowing you to easily access items stored at the back without having to reach or bend over. They come in various sizes and can be customized according to your needs.

One of the most significant advantages of pull-out drawers is their versatility. You can use them in almost any room in your home, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even living rooms.

In addition to being practical storage solutions for pots and pans or toiletries; they also work well as filing cabinets or shoe racks.

Another benefit of pull-out drawers is that they help keep things organized by providing designated spaces for specific items such as spices or cleaning supplies. This makes it easier to find what you need quickly while keeping clutter at bay.

Vertical Dividers

These dividers can be installed in cabinets of any depth and help keep items organized and easy to access. They work particularly well for storing baking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat items that tend to take up a lot of space when stacked horizontally.

One popular type of vertical divider is the pull-out tray organizer. This type of organizer features multiple trays that slide out individually, making it easy to grab what you need without having to dig through a pile of pans or platters.

Another option is installing vertical dividers directly into the cabinet shelves themselves. This creates separate compartments within each shelf, allowing you to store smaller items like plates or bowls more efficiently.

Adjustable Shelves

kitchen Adjustable Shelving

These shelves can be moved up or down, allowing you to create the perfect space for your items. This is especially useful if you have larger items that need more room or smaller ones that require less space.

Adjustable shelves also make it easier to organize your cabinets and keep everything in its place. You can adjust them as needed, so there’s no need to worry about having too much or too little space in your cabinets.

Plus, they’re easy to install and come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic so you can choose what works best with your decor style!

Glass Front Doors

kitchen Buffet Table cabinet

They can add an elegant touch to any kitchen and make the space feel more open. Glass-front cabinets come in various styles, including clear glass, frosted glass, seeded glass, and textured glass.

One of the benefits of having glass-front doors is that they force you to keep your dishes organized and tidy since everything will be visible from the outside. You can also use them as a way to display your favorite pieces or seasonal decor.

However, it’s important to note that if you choose this option for all of your cabinets, it may not be practical since some items should not be exposed due to dust accumulation or privacy concerns. Therefore consider using them selectively in areas where they would have maximum impact while still being functional such as upper cabinetry above countertops with ample storage below.

Toe-kick Storage

This type of cabinet depth option involves creating a recessed area at the bottom of your cabinetry, which can be used for storing items such as baking sheets, cutting boards or even pet bowls. The toe-kick area is typically 3-4 inches deep and can be accessed by simply pulling out a drawer or panel that blends in with the rest of your cabinetry.

Toe-kick storage not only maximizes space but also keeps frequently used items within easy reach while cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen. It’s an excellent solution for those who want to keep their countertops clutter-free without sacrificing functionality and convenience.

Island Cabinetry

Kitchen Island With Storage

When it comes to cabinet depth options, islands can be customized to fit any need. If you want more storage, consider adding deep cabinets with pull-out drawers or adjustable shelves.

For a sleeker look, opt for shallow cabinets with glass-front doors or open shelving.

Another option is mixing depths on the island – have deeper cabinets on one side for storing larger items like pots and pans while having shallower ones on the other side for everyday dishes and glasses.

If you plan on using your island as an eating area as well, consider incorporating toe-kick storage underneath the seating area. This will provide additional hidden storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Mixed Depths

Beadboard Cabinets kitchen

This can be done by incorporating a combination of standard depth and shallow cabinets or even deep storage units. The result is an eye-catching design that adds dimension and texture to your space.

One way to achieve this look is by using deeper base cabinets with shallower upper ones. This creates a unique profile for your cabinetry while also providing ample storage space for all of your kitchen essentials.

Another option is using different depths in specific areas, such as around appliances or in corners where it may be difficult to reach items stored at the back of the cabinet. By utilizing mixed-depth cabinetry, you can create a functional yet stylish solution that meets all of your needs while adding character and charm to any room in which they are installed.

Wall Mounted

Frosted Glass kitchen cabinets

These cabinets can be mounted at any height, making them perfect for storing items that are not used frequently or as display shelves. Wall-mounted cabinets come in various depths, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

They also offer easy access to stored items and make cleaning the floors much easier since there is no cabinet base to work around. Another advantage of wall-mounted cabinetry is that they provide a modern look while still being functional and practical for everyday use.

Freestanding Units

Freestanding Cabinet kitchen pantry

These cabinets come in various sizes, styles, and finishes that can complement any decor style. They can be moved around easily and placed wherever needed, making them perfect for renters or those who like to change up their home’s layout frequently.

One popular freestanding unit is the pantry cabinet which provides ample storage space for food items and kitchen appliances. Another option is a bookshelf-style cabinet that can be used as an open display area or closed off with doors to store books or other items.

When choosing freestanding units, it’s important to consider the size of your room and how much storage you need. You’ll also want to think about whether you prefer open shelving or closed cabinets with doors.

Sliding Door Systems

kitchen cabinet Sliding

They work well in tight spaces where traditional doors may not have enough clearance to open fully. Sliding doors can be installed on both upper and lower cabinets, making them versatile for any kitchen layout.

One of the benefits of sliding door systems is that they allow you to access the entire contents of your cabinet without having to move items out of the way as you would with hinged doors. This makes it easier to organize and find what you need quickly.

Another advantage is that sliding door systems come in a variety of styles, from sleek modern designs with metal frames and frosted glass panels, to rustic barn-style wood doors with exposed hardware. You can choose a style that complements your existing decor or use it as an opportunity to add some visual interest.

When considering sliding door systems for your cabinets, keep in mind that they do require more space on either side than hinged doors since they slide along tracks mounted inside or outside the cabinet frame.

Modular Designs

kitchen cabinets Vertical Slots

These cabinets come in standard sizes that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect configuration for your space. You can choose from different depths, heights, and widths to create a custom look without the high cost of fully customized cabinetry.

One of the benefits of modular designs is that they allow you to easily add or remove cabinets as needed. This makes them ideal for spaces where storage needs may change over time, such as home offices or craft rooms.

Another advantage is that modular designs often come with adjustable shelves and drawers which provide even more customization options. You can adjust these components based on what you need to store inside each cabinet.

Integrated Lighting

Integrated kitchen light

Integrated lighting is an excellent option for those who want to add some extra light without taking up any additional space. There are several different types of integrated lighting options available, including LED strip lights, puck lights, and even motion-activated sensors.

LED strip lights are a popular choice because they provide bright, energy-efficient illumination that can be easily hidden behind cabinet trim or molding. Puck lights offer more focused task lighting and come in various sizes and shapes to fit any cabinet design.

Motion-activated sensors are another great option for those who want hands-free convenience when accessing their cabinets at night. These sensors turn on automatically when you open the door or drawer and turn off after a set amount of time has passed.

No matter which type of integrated lighting you choose, it’s important to consider placement carefully so that it provides optimal illumination while also being aesthetically pleasing. With the right positioning, integrated cabinet lighting can create an inviting ambiance while also making tasks like cooking or getting ready easier than ever before!


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