9 Advantages of a Reel Mower Over an Electric One

Last updated on March 1, 2020

From reel mowers to gas mowers to electric mowers, the journey of lawns and how they’re mowed has been a long one over the years. But in case you’re wondering what the next phase of the story, you’ll be surprised how reel mowers are walking back into the trend – and winning!

Technology enthusiasts may be a little skeptical about this fact. But if they ask anyone who’s tried all three, they’ll walk away surprised. Reel mowers are really coming back. But why is that?

Here are 9 reasons why the good old reel mower beats its most recent electric counterpart:

What's Inside?

A Reel Mower is Much Cheaper in Price

Well, of course, the first that we’re going to mention is the huge gap in price. While the average electric mowers fall in the range of $260 to $360, you can find reel mowers starting from $80 and up to $200. That’s the upfront cost to get you started, we’re not even talking about the cost of the electricity used.

It’s Much More Environmentally Friendly

So the electric mowers definitely produce much fewer carbon emissions than the gas one, but the production of electricity still hugely depends on burning fossil fuels all around the world. With reel mowers, however, the maneuvering depends on manual power without any need for gas or electricity, making it the most environmentally-friendly choice.

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It’s So Much Easier to Operate

You hold the handle and push over the grass you want to cut. That’s how simple it is to operate a reel mower. You don’t need to press any buttons, charge batteries, untangle any cords, or search for a way to lawn the outer edges of your lawn because the power supply is too far away.

It’s Even Easier to Maintain

Reel mowers need even much less maintenance hassle than electric ones. You won’t need to drive your mower into town to get it fixed, or get a degree in mechanics to fix it yourself. There aren’t many things that could go wrong with a reel mower, you’ll only need to sharpen the blades every few months or even years.

A Reel Mower for a Healthier Lawn

An electric mower cuts your grass in a way that leaves it all torn up and shredded down. That’s very unhealthy for your lawn, leaving it susceptible to infections, pests, and diseases. Reel mowers cut it in the old fashioned way as if you’ve used a pair of scissors: it leaves the grass clean-cut and resistant to the damaging factors of infections and the like.

To Get a Cleaner Cut

As reel mowers are able to give your grass a much cleaner cut, you’re rewarded with much more aesthetically pleasing results. Now, your lawn is not only healthy, but it also looks so neat and appealing! What a view to show off.

It’s a Lot Safer to Use

It’s true that if you know how to operate and maintain your electric mower well you might not face many problems, but the reel mower is still the safest option. It’s much lighter in weight and it doesn’t use any electricity, so you won’t have to worry about short circuits or power-outs. But most importantly, you won’t have to worry about a runaway electric mower and the accidental injuries that could very well take place.

You’ll Get a Good Workout

There’s nothing like exercising your body while enjoying the refreshing greens and beautiful scenery that is your garden. If you schedule your mowing-routine to be at early sunrise or late sunset, you’ll get to enjoy the cool breeze with the chirping birds or watch the reddish blue hues of the sky while meditating. As an extra, you’ll also have a good arm workout that feels all fun and no effort at all.

Meanwhile, Enjoying the Quiet Tranquility

And the best thing about reel mowers is getting your peace of mind. There’s no roaring of engines that eats away on your sanity and forces you to shout your lungs out to be heard or otherwise pause it. Angry neighbors screaming at you through their windows for interrupting their own peace and quiet won’t be an issue anymore either, you’ll be able to mow your lawns whenever you feel like it. Look at you, being a good neighbor and all.

How to Choose The Right Reel Mower?

Now that we’ve established the pros of reel mowers, we need to give you some more tips about choosing the reel mower that’s best for you. After all, not all reel mowers are the same. You want your reel mower to be easy to operate while leaving your lawn with the best possible results. To have just that, you need to put some considerations in mind while choosing your reel mower.

Basically, there are four main factors that come to play:

The Size of Your Yard

You won’t have any trouble if you own a small to medium sized yard, but you might feel a little overwhelmed if you choose a narrow-sized mower for a larger lawn. If you have a large lawn and you’ve decided on a reel mower for all of its advantages, you might want to opt out for the wider mowers that can cut off 20 inches in one go.

The Weight of the Mower

You might love the workout, but we’re guessing you’re not looking forward to bulking up on mowers. You want something that’s easy to use and light in weight, and being “light in weight” is a relative description. Trying out the mower and pushing it around before purchasing it might give you a feel of using it later on.

The Length of Your Grass

Reel mowers might not work very well in lawns that are left unmaintained with extra long grass. Besides creating a mowing schedule to keep your lawn clean, you might want to choose a mower that allows you to adapt its height to the average length of your grass.

The Type of Your Grass

Some grass, like Bermuda and St. Augustine, is more difficult to cut because of its thickness. If your lawn has thicker grass, you’ll want to choose a heavier-duty reel mower to make sure you get your lawn looking the way you want it to.

Giving Your Lawn Its Best Make-Over

There’s nothing that makes you feel prouder than giving your lawn its best makeover using your own hands. You can spend years caring for your garden and growing every kind of plant you want, but if your lawn is not well-maintained, there will always be that feeling of dissatisfaction about your garden. Contrary to popular and modern belief, a reel mower does a much better job than an electric one, in some cases. By using the right reel mower, you can rest assured that your garden is healthy and pretty, all the while having the time of your life while mowing.

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