5 Ways to Protect Your Home Appliances

Last updated on January 1, 2021

The appliances in our homes make our life easier, but if you don’t take care of them, they could easily break down. Power surges are one of the primary causes of electric equipment damage. It is because, when there is a power surge, every home appliance connected to electricity is at risk regardless of how big and small it is.

Therefore, you should take all the measures required to keep your electric-related equipment protected. In this article, we have mentioned a few of them. To learn about them, continue reading.

What's Inside?

Disconnect Your Appliances

Possibly the best way to protect your home appliances is to unplug them directly from the plug source when they are not in use. A power surge cannot damage devices that are not plugged in. If you do so, it will not only keep you safe but is also a smart move to conserve energy.

Usually, a power surge that can potentially damage appliances occurs when the power comes back on. So, unplugging your home appliances is the best practice to protect them during storm and load shedding.

Install Surge Protectors in Home

Another great option is to invest in surge protectors in a home that can block power surges when the electricity is switched back on. You can get these surge protectors installed at the primary breaker. It will serve as a doorway for current coming into your electrical system.

If there is a spike in power level, the surge protector shuts off the power and diverts the excess energy into its grounding wire. A whole-house surge protector is plugged into the sockets, and then the appliances are plugged into the surge protector plug.

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Get Home Warranty Plan

Not a physical way to protect your appliances, but getting a home warranty is a safety net you should have. Sometimes, even though you do your best, the equipment can blow during excessive power cuts.

A home warranty is an annual service contract covering the repair or replacement of all your home appliances and home system components that can break down. Therefore, to prevent unexpected damage and losses, you should get this plan from reliable home warranty services. It will allow maintaining your budget from expensive home repairs or replacements.

Upgrade Your AC Unit

If you didn’t know already, then you should know that air conditioning units tend to restart quite a few times a day. Whenever this happens, the current in a house increases, consequently increasing the probability of a surge.

Instead, if you switch to an energy-efficient AC unit, they will require comparatively less electricity to operate. As a result, they will consume less current to restart, which will significantly reduce the chances of a surge.

Keep Your Equipment Away from Water

We all have read in our books that water is an excellent conductor. The human body can become a path for electricity to the ground. If you are touching water that touches power, then the current would travel through the water and you to the ground, leading to injury.

In addition to this, appliances can get damaged when they come in contact with water. It is the reason why you should keep all your electric appliances away from water for your and appliances’ protection.

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