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It’s no secret that the UK is a wet and windy island. As such, the regular occurrence of damp-damage and leaking roofs come as no surprise. The cost to maintain and repair a roof is not affordable to everyone and if you find that you’re faced with a leaking roof and a budget that’s too cash-strapped to repair it, the pressure will certainly be on.

The pressure is even more prevalent when you have a bad credit score. No need to worry though – there is help at hand! How would you feel about bad credit loans, instant decisions, and no brokers to deal with? For many UK citizens, these types of loans are heaven-sent.

What to do When You Can’t Afford to Repair Your Leaking Roof

Homeowners spend hundreds of pounds every year maintaining and repairing roof damage. While maintenance is key to keeping these costs to a minimum, you might have slacked off over the months and years and now find yourself in a tricky situation. It’s best to fix a leaking roof the moment you notice the damage. Leaving it any longer will result in even more damage, moisture build-up and health issues due to mould and mildew growth.

If you’ve got a roof to fix, but don’t have the cash, here’s what you can do to get the repair funded.

Finance the repair costs

You can apply for a bad credit loan with instant decision, no brokers if you don’t have the savings to carry out a leaking roof repair. A short-term instant loan will get you the cash that you need to get the repairs carried out quickly and without cutting corners. You can then repay the repair costs in affordable monthly installments – usually, over 1 to 36 months, depending on the lender’s terms.

Apply for a home improvement grant with your local authority

In the UK, the government provides financial assistance with certain home improvements and repairs as long as the property belongs to you and your current savings are below a certain amount. The local council authority may grant financial aid, labour and tools as they see fit. The UK Citizens Advice website provides detailed information on the terms and conditions.

If you rent the property, check your lease agreement

While UK property laws protect the rights of both property owners and renters, lease/rental agreements can differ from one property and landlord to the next. Check the maintenance and repairs terms and conditions detailed in your rental agreement. You may find that your landlord is liable for the repairs of the leaking roof and therefore eliminates the stress from you completely. Again, the UK Citizens Advice website provides helpful information on repairs for rented houses and provides advice on who the responsibility falls on.

Check your home insurance cover policy

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) states that approximately £2.5 million is paid out each year to homeowners claiming for leaking roofs. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware that their home insurance policy covers roof repairs. Others don’t familiarise themselves with their policy and end up with an unsuccessful claim as they haven’t followed the terms thereof. If your insurance policy covers your claim, process it as quickly as possible. If your insurance claim is rejected, bad credit loans with an instant decision and no brokers to deal with may be the best option for you.

Create a home maintenance savings plan

It makes sound financial sense to save towards the potential repairs and maintenance of your home, especially if you have a bad credit score and struggle to get financial aid. Your home is a major investment and as such, you need to ensure that it’s well protected.

A leaking or damp roof that’s left for too long can result in major structural damage and need for even more serious, costly repair work. While saving a home maintenance stash isn’t something most people dream of doing with their income, you will certainly appreciate it when roofing (or other home damage) disasters strike. If you put aside a few pounds each month towards home maintenance, you may only need to apply for a bad credit loan to cover a small portion of the cost, if the total amount comes to more than your acquired savings.


Dealing with a leaking roof is no easy or cheap task. The best way to ensure that you are prepared for such a disaster is to ensure that you are financially secure. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy, especially if you are on a tight budget. Need a little helping hand to get that roof repaired? Think: bad credit loan – instant decision – no brokers. Problem solved!