5 Reasons Why You Should Use Freestanding Bathroom Cabinets

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As the name implies,freestanding bathroom cabinets are storage facilities that have the capability to stand on their own.They are not mounted or affixed to any wall hence all the four sides can be seen and cleaned.Below are reasons on why you should consider the freestanding bathroom cabinets over their affixed counterparts.

1. They are versatile.

This kind of cabinets are incredibly versatile in that they are available in a great array of colors,sizes and unique designs.This allows people to employ their creativity and power of choice and taste.For instance,one can blend a wide low cabinet with white or an enormous drawer with dark colors to suit their expectations.

2. They are economical to purchase and maintain.

Purchasing freestanding bathroom cabinets are considerably cheap.This is because they are prefabricated and hence assembled after placing of order.If need to transfer the cabinets arises,it only takes less manpower to carefully take them from point to point.

3. Offer enough space for storage.

Inbuilt cabinets screwed to the wall are limited to the wall-space.However,the freestanding ones are independent and their size depends on the bathroom plan.Gone are the days when bathrooms were primarily built of solid wall on all four sides.Hence a freestanding cabinet comes in hand.

4. Easy to clean and refurbish.

They are mobile hence can be moved and turned.When cleaning,one can reach the corners and back without too much fuss.Moreover,if one needs to refurbish and upgrade the cabinet,it only takes less effort since they can be easily access to every part,both near and far.

5. No installation difficulty.

Upon acquisition of one,it doesn’t need skilled personnel to screw it or move it into place.All it takes is simple and delicate handling to carry or slide it to the place of choice.

To sum it all,freestanding bathroom cabinets are the storage facilities that should stand find for your storage solutions.

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