5 DIY Projects for Your Home Office

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When you want to make your home office look perfect, you can use these five projects to bring the room together. There are several ways for you to manage your home office, to improve the style, and to increase the value of the house. You may do all five of these projects at once, or you may choose a project to complete every few months as you make the house look perfect.

What's Inside?

Add Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood floors in your office turn the space into an old-world study that will impress every guest. You could meet clients in this room, or you might add hardwood floors to make the room look bigger. Hardwood floors add color to the room, and these floors add texture, depth, and style.

You can add cork underlayment to the hardwood flooring for the room to provide a bit of insulation and bounce to the floors. Plus, hardwood flooring should come with a new baseboard to clean up the edges of the room.

Paint an Accent Wall

wall paint

You can paint an accent wall in the room that is a different color from the other walls. The wall behind your desk may be painted a lighter color, or you could pick a wall to the side that will be painted a darker color. When you paint an accent wall, you are adding a bit more character to the room. Plus, you add your shelves to the accent wall because you want to draw attention to that part of the room.

The accent wall can frame your desk if you sit in front of it, or the accent wall might highlight the window and any decorations you added around the window.

Build In Shelves

You can add shelves to the wall that appear to be native to the house. You may want to build shelves that create a pattern on the wall, or you can create a shelving unit that is bolted to the wall. Adding bookcases may make the room feel smaller, but a floating bookshelf will make the room look more interesting.

If you paint the floating bookshelf or shelves a certain color, you can draw attention to that part of the room. These shelves may have a lip on the front that prevents the books from falling, or you could add sides to the shelves so that the books will stand up without any trouble.

Add Crown Molding or a Frame Around Each Window

You can add crown molding to the edges of the room near the ceiling, and that molding will add a bit of sophistication to the room. When you add crown molding, you can add character to the ceiling, or you could paint the trim white while the rest of the room consists of unique colors. White trim is very elegant, and it makes the room look opulent.

Add an Impressive Fan or Light Fixture

Adding a fan or light fixture to the room should say something about you as a person. You can add an old glass light fixture that speaks to your retro style. You can add an old fan, or you may choose a fan that looks as though it is made from straw. If the fan is made from straw, you can decorate the room in an island style.

If you add a large light fixture, you can hang the fixture low so that you have light to work. You could hang the fixture away from the power cord, and the chain may hang across the ceiling. If you use a modern light fixture with LED lights, you can make the whole room feel more modern.

Adding each of these pieces to your office makes it easy to create a beautiful office that anyone will be impressed by. You may want to add decorations to the wall. You can build shelves, add a light fixture, or paint an accent wall. You can add hardwood floors, or you could do several of these projects over a long weekend. When the projects are complete, your office looks great, the value of your home rises, and you can work in a stylish space every day.

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